November 6, 2020

S01E01: Keeping up appearances by creating personal images in a fake world

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In this first episode of a monthly recurring live podcast Plato at the Hub (every first Thursday, 8.00pm at, researcher and lecturer, Yoy Bergs joins Hugo Mutsaerts in a wide-ranging conversation that focuses on identity and image construction. They explore how constructing ‘perfect’ and ‘ideal’ images of ourselves at work, in our private life and on social media can result in both positive consequences, as well as negative consequences such as burn-out complaints. Yoy and Hugo talk about living up to expectations, raising our own bar, social comparanoia and trying to be “good-enough”.

Highlight Thursday Dec 3rd, 08.00pm in your agenda, or listen to it afterwards, by subscribing to Plato at the Hub on Spotify, Apple Podcasts of Soundcloud.

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