The Netherlands, a small piece of land with a lot of beautiful cities, for young and old. We, as students in Breda, love to have some drinks at ‘Pier15’, or Party at ‘Proost’ and ‘Dependance’, but there is more to discover in our country! We will list the top 5 student cities to visit or live in! 

1. Groningen

In the upper North of The Netherlands, you find the city of Groningen. This is the most popular city for students to live and study in. The student popularity in Groningen is also conveyed by the population figures: namely, one in four inhabitants is a student. In other words, 25% of the population is currently studying. Young people love Groningen this much because it is a vibrant multi-faceted city with a lot of culture and events, beautiful historical monuments, nice shopping streets for a lovely day of shopping, tasteful restaurants, and the bars don't have closing times (when there are no COVID restrictions)!

Average price student room is 414 euros.

2. Rotterdam

I am sure you have heard of the famous Erasmus University. This university, which is located in Rotterdam, has around 30.000 students. In recent years, Rotterdam has emerged as a modern city with skyscrapers and a vibrant nightlife. In Rotterdam, you will find many trendy and stylish discos, cafes, lounges and even a beautiful port! The city has a lovely food market too, which has all kinds of food to eat, and it even allows you to take away. You don’t want to miss this beautiful place with its magical skyline!

Average price student room is 453 euros

3. Maastricht

Maastricht is located in the most southern region of The Netherlands. A city surrounded by beautiful nature in a hilly area – and we don’t see that a lot in our small country, but we do in Maastricht! It is known for its Carnival, a party where everyone dresses up and gets together to celebrate. You will also find many foreign students here, because Maastricht is on the border with Belgium and Germany. There are many historic neighborhoods, cozy restaurants, and plenty of art to be discovered.

Average price student room is 423 euros

4. Utrecht

We call it ‘the beating heart of The Netherlands’. Utrecht has been a popular student city for years, especially because of the many student societies (no less than 16)! The city is built around the cathedral tower, which you cannot lose sight of when you walk through the city. It is an ancient metropolis with many canals and terraces around it. Outside the old culture, Utrecht is also full of bars and party venues.

Average price student room is 405 euros

5. Amsterdam

Of course, the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands should not be missing from this list! Walk through the famous Vondelpark, shop in the PC Hooftstraat, or take a cruise through the many canals. There are plenty of choices if you wish to study here. There are 223 Bachelors and 273 Masters to choose from. You won’t find a nightlife anywhere like here, but unfortunately, that also comes with a price. Amsterdam, on average, is a lot more expensive to study and live in, compared to the other Dutch cities. However, it differs from person to person what you are willing to pay, and otherwise, it is always nice to visit for a day trip!

Average price student room is 485 euros