Ralitsa Papazova
29 Feb, 2020

All about: Power Pump Class at BRESS

Even though I’ve been to sport halls all my life, my eagerness for new experiences never ceases. Undoubtedly, without the curiosity to learn and develop yourself, you cannot succeed. The first step ...

Ralitsa Papazova
29 Feb, 2020

How to build an active life for a lifetime?

When reading the title, you could say “I don’t need to worry about this yet! I am still so young”. But actually, there’s no better time than now to start working on this. Did you know that mus...

Barbara Benza
24 May, 2020

Unexpected Bress Sports/ Ecstatic Dancing

 Although Bress is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be eventually open again, which makes this the perfect time to learn about the fun but unexpected sports you can do at Bres...

What makes superfoods so super?

The term Superfoods was created to market a healthy lifestyle. Although there are no standard criteria to classify something as a superfood, (which means that anything can be a superfood) they are usu...