HUB is the Campus Entertainment Network of Breda University of Applied Sciences. It aims to serve the entire BUas community – both students and staff – with entertaining or informing content that is related to their interest or study, without being a curricular requirement. Launched in 2020, it has rapidly grown its audience.

Primarily, content is created by students in Creative Business. However, our goal is to attract more people across all academies, host all creations of students, and create a close-knit community. The HUB is open to the whole BUas community!

Currently, the platform offers written articles, BLEND Magazine, live (visual) radio, podcasts, and television shows. As well as organizing events such as the annual HUB Easter hunt and the Busking@BUas music festival.

What are the different sections READ, WATCH, LISTEN?

Read - For all written elements such as blog posts, articles, and BLEND magazine releases. The content is divided into different topics such as student life, entertainment, well-being, food, and more.

Watch - This section is from video content, specifically TV shows and other content made by students such as short films, HOW-TO videos, vlogs, promo videos, and more.

Listen - Listen is home for HUB Radio, playing 24/7 music, plus weekly specialty shows with the HUB DJs. In this section, you can also find different podcasts from the BUas-wide community, as well as behind the scene content.

Who can have their content on the HUB?

Anyone from the BUas community is able to log-in and submit content.

Are you not part of BUas but still want to contribute to the HUB? Contact us (see more below)!

I have something to promote, I want to be interviewed or to collaborate with the HUB?
How do I upload to the HUB?

For this, we made a special knowledge clip, watch it here!

How do I book the radio studio for recordings?

If we have the time, we are happy to facilitate podcast recordings for you. Fill in this form(:

How do I contact you?

For all questions, you can reach us at hub@buas.nl

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