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Welcome to the HUB, the Campus Entertainment Network, where you can Read, Watch and Listen to all of the latest content created by BUas for BUas! Don't forget to also check out our live TV and Radio shows with our livestream buttons. You can also submit your own articles for the HUB with our submit button. If you have any questions be sure to share them with us by sending an email to: hub@buas.nl

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2 hours ago

Discover Beerda

For many years beer has been served in Breda, even by kids. Beer was a lot healthier than drinking water at that time, however, it had a way […]
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3 hours ago

Getting to know the 2nd year Production House Departments at Creative Business

Wondering what Production House during the 2nd year looks like? If you’re a Creative Business student like myself, that is really important to you, since your whole year […]
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7 hours ago

What You Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are very cool – there’s no denying that! However, there are some aspects to take into consideration before getting one. We interviewed tattoo collectors and gathered their advice to make sure […]
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6 days ago

BUas, Breda & Beyond | Episode 3

Due to some unfortunate technical issues we couldn't stream our show live today. But here it is the third episode of BUas, Breda & Beyond. Enjoy and see […]
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10 months ago

SSF Podcast- Introcamps

Listen to SSF Podcast part 2 about Intro Camps. We talk with Julia that organized the camp and three students that attended the Intro Camps. We tell you […]
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10 months ago

SSF Podcast - Clubs & Student Associations

Listen to  to SSF Podcast part 1, with today BUas Clubs and Student Associations. We will explain what the SSF is and does, and talk about student associations […]
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