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Welcome to the HUB, the Campus Entertainment Network, where you can Read, Watch and Listen to all of the latest content created by BUas for BUas! Don't forget to also check out our live TV and Radio shows with our livestream buttons. You can also submit your own articles for the HUB with our submit button. If you have any questions be sure to share them with us by sending an email to: hub@buas.nl

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16 hours ago

Three amazing albums that got me through lockdown

We’ve all probably had a lot more time on our hands than usual during the last two years. Maybe you used that time to pick up a new […]
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1 day ago

Short story: Comfortable in Change

The night is darker than the deepest body of water, submerging everything and everyone. One should be careful not to trip and get lost, as only God knows […]
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2 days ago

Build the HUB world - Part 3

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars – what do they have in common? Right, they make up some of the most iconic fictional universes that we […]
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1 week ago

The Not So Early Show Lvl2 on HUB Radio

Check out these funny random bits from The Not So Early Show with Jackey and Elizabeth. They have guests every week and play some fun games while at […]
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1 week ago


The girls decide to go for a passionate dance, did they remember they're on video? Well, of course this is going on YouTube! How did they do? Judge […]
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1 week ago

The BUas+ Show on HUB Radio

Luckily, we managed to have our first edition of The Buas+ Show right before the lockdown started. So, what's the BUas buzz this month? Take a look! Tune […]
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