Dilyana Sergieva
19 Nov, 2020

Weird History: Curious Fashion Choices

Hello, my dear history buffs and curious readers. We all need a little break from working hard, right? What better way to relax than laughing at society’s weird mistakes. That is why today I wanted ...

Ted de Veer
18 Nov, 2020

Wattpad, the multi-platform you may not have heard of

If you are tired of the endless social media scrolls on Twitter or Facebook, and want something to read, but you’re not in the mood for a book that is at least 200 pages, then may I introduce you to...

Mila Wolters
16 Nov, 2020

Writing prompt for the dreaded writer's block

Here we have a writer in their natural habitat. Staring at an empty word document, trying desperately to produce words. Writers' block at its finest.Everyone suffers from writers' block sometimes. Whe...

Max Auer
17 Nov, 2020

6 ways you can improve your Instagram Game

Two weeks ago, I gave you my thoughts on why you should become more active on Instagram. Today we are going to focus on how you can improve your Instagram game to gain more followers and public recogn...

Eva Boerjan
17 Nov, 2020

5 Aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages you need to follow

Sometimes it's nice to just unwind, relax, and scroll through pictures without having to think too much. Just looking at pretty photos. I have compiled a list of my favourite Instagram pages full of a...