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Good to have you here. We're excited to share this brand new and improved version of your community platform. We've improved quite a few aspects. If you have any questions or improvement points, be sure to share them with us by sending an email to:

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6 days ago

Student Room Tour 2.0

During corona time our personal space is more important than ever. We do everything in our student rooms: eating, studying and chilling. In this article I will show […]
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7 days ago

The Taboo of Therapy: Debunked (Part two)

Previously, in the BLEND magazine, we explored with therapist Natatchia Seute what it means to undertake therapy, what to expect and how the procedure is structured. However, this topic opened the way for many other questions regarding Natatchia’s profession. In this article we […]
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1 week ago

Animal Therapy and Cooking: Alternative Stress Coping Methods.

You may have investigated methods to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety, and not have found anything that suits your situation. For this reason, the BLEND […]
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2 months ago

Expedition BUas E3

And finally the finalists: Follow the chosen three into the BUas domain of Creative Business where they have 90 minutes to recreation of a classic movie scene from […]
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8 months ago

SSF Podcast- Introcamps

Listen to SSF Podcast part 2 about Intro Camps. We talk with Julia that organized the camp and three students that attended the Intro Camps. We tell you […]
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8 months ago

SSF Podcast - Clubs & Student Associations

Listen to  to SSF Podcast part 1, with today BUas Clubs and Student Associations. We will explain what the SSF is and does, and talk about student associations […]
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