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Welcome to the Meet page, where you can share your knowledge, discuss hot topics and stay in touch with your fellow students. This is also the home for BUas clubs, click on Clubs & Community to see them all and get involved.

Check out all the different forums, start a post, and comment on others. Not finding what interests you? Start your own forum by contacting The HUB. Don't forget to be respectful and treat others the same way you would like to be treated. Have fun!

Burning Conversations

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watch out clyde is on the loose

the other day i heard of some disaster involving Buzz. The beloved. From the recent easter egg hunt i sensed some tension between the two of them. Clyde […]

The HUB Helpers

Asking the real questions here, Kiss (we keeping it PG-13), Marry or Kill: - Buzz the Bee. - Clyde the Easter Bunny. - The HUB Santa. (we really […]

How to get rid of a body (hypothetically)?

Dear people of this forum, I was wondering what the best way is to get rid of a body. Not for any particular reason, this just happens to […]

Video Game Characters

Let's play with video game characters, I'll start: Mario, Bowser, Yoshi
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