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Welcome to the HUB-read section. Here, you can simply relax by reading some entertaining articles on films, music, sustainability, career options, and more! You can even upload your own beautifully written and designed articles by pressing the submit button. In case you would like an event or something else covered by HUB make sure to contact us - Enjoy reading!
3 days ago

The Struggles of Europe's Largest Minority

With 80% of their families living in poverty, Romani are Europe’s largest minority, an ethnic group with a colourful and rich tradition, but with a dark history. Ten million Romani […]
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3 days ago


After a long delay due to the coronavirus, the latest James Bond film “No Time To Die” finally premiered on October 8th. Starring Daniel Craig, Lena Seydoux, Rami […]
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4 days ago

A day with Gen-iPad 

A few weekends ago, my little sisters came to Breda to sleep over in my student room… I should mention: they are five and nine, and I am […]
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6 days ago

The new BLEND magazine: 55 Years of BUas

Enjoy the latest BLEND edition – powered by HUB – especially created to celebrate the 55-year anniversary of BUas with students and staff. Discover fun facts about BUas […]
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1 week ago

2 lies, 1 truth Jenna

Was your guess 2? Then you were right! When I was little, I had 3 obsessions: Ballet, K3 and Disney princesses. I was walking around in either a […]
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1 week ago

Your not so average bucket list  

55 items you should have experienced in life  We all know the bucket lists where you can find bungee-jumping or backpacking guaranteed. Dare to be different and embrace […]
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2 weeks ago

Experiences over presents!

Buying someone a great present when it’s their birthday or any other special day can be difficult sometimes Next time you struggle finding that perfect gift, consider giving […]
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3 weeks ago

From a mutt to a family member, adopting a puppy from Romania.

A pet is more than just an animal that you have and care for. It's your support and rock, your buddy, and belongs to your family. I've had […]
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