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3 hours ago

Discover Beerda

For many years beer has been served in Breda, even by kids. Beer was a lot healthier than drinking water at that time, however, it had a way […]
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5 hours ago

Getting to know the 2nd year Production House Departments at Creative Business

Wondering what Production House during the 2nd year looks like? If you’re a Creative Business student like myself, that is really important to you, since your whole year […]
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8 hours ago

What You Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are very cool – there’s no denying that! However, there are some aspects to take into consideration before getting one. We interviewed tattoo collectors and gathered their advice to make sure […]
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9 hours ago

The Campus Coffee Hunt: Find the best cuppa joe in Frontier

It is no secret that this golden beverage is what keeps the BUas community running. While there may be over 30 coffee machines scattered around campus for students […]
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1 day ago

What’s your screentime?

When I got corona a few months ago, I didn’t have much to do. The only thing I did, besides sleeping, was scroll on my phone through social media. I love social media, […]
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1 day ago

Volunteering at a festival – Not just a free ticket but a colourful experience

Going to a big techno festival for free! Sounds appealing even to people who don’t listen to that genre of music. I was one of those people.  A […]
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1 day ago

The Power of Solitude

Everyone has experienced the state of thinking that you are not doing enough and that you are wasting your time, while spending a cozy and peaceful Saturday evening […]
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2 days ago

Tips For Night Owls

“I always plan to go to bed early, yet never do.” Are you a night owl, but are you striving to go to bed earlier, as early birds […]
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3 days ago

How to throw the perfect theme party

We are nearing the festive season - Sinterklaas, Christmas, and New Year’s are all right around the corner. December is undeniably the most party-packed month of the year. […]
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