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Live Loud! Ep4 Revolution Foundation

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In this episode, we engage in a conversation with Daniel Garcia Sidiakin, who initially joined the Revolution Foundation as a volunteer three years ago. He progressed to become an intern, taking on the role of a volunteer program coordinator, and presently works part-time as a crew manager within the organization. Our discussion delves into the current state of the event industry and its ecological footprint highlighting Revolution Foundation's role in providing sustainable and circular solutions with concrete actions taken by them in the past years. We shed light on the effort the organization is putting in by raising awareness among its visitors about the impact of sustainable developments. Additionally, Daniel will share insights from his experiences working with various festivals and implementing sustainability initiatives within the industry.

Produced by 2nd year Live Music & Dance Events students: Guusje Jobse, Erin Weitenberg, Kayla Kohn, Timo van Haperen & Viviane Verberne

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