March 21, 2023

Meet the DJs!

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Obsessed with HUB Radio? well meet our DJs! They are for sure the coolest, most talented people on campus. Check them out live throughout the week on HUB Radio!


Ali, 19, was born and raised in Istanbul Turkey.

“I used to go to school early back in the day with my dad because he was trying to teach me the ways of being disciplined, waking up early was one of many, which annoyed me a lot. But anyways, the only way of making my morning better was listening to the radio in the car. So, radio did kind of have an impact on my childhood for a while especially some of the Turkish shows I used to listen, I still do to this day, but yeah, I mean also a lot of people when I got into my teenage years started complimenting my voice and so I wanted to try it out and here we are.”

With this in mind, he is set to host Thursday Night Fever alongside Iris every Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00.

Hey, here’s a quick joke by Ali: Why did the chicken cross the road? To talk to the idiot on the other side.

-Knock. Knock!

-Who’s there?

- Chickens don’t talk, idiot!


Tudor, 20, comes from the land of natural wonders and landscapes or in his own words land of mischief, Romania.

“I like to talk, and I know how to talk, so radio seems to be the right fit. I love I love to play my guitar, I try to play with my voice sometimes. Let’s just say, I like acting a lot, and most of all I like to do comedy 24/7. You know, I like making people laugh as much as I can. I remember one time in 7th grade I shat my pants. Yeah, I was just playing cards waiting for the class teacher to come and it just happened. I was like God damn nobody needs to know. I'm just like, oh my God I'm feeling so sick I have to leave and then I just left 10 minutes walking in the neighborhood like Oh my God what's my life cometo?”

With his dark humor comedy, you can see why he likes to make people laugh. “Did you know that pigeons usually die after mating, or at least the ones that I ****, you know?” You can catch Tudor at his podcast Vending Machine with Jayden & David.


Aranka, 20, originally from Overijssel right here in The Netherlands. Reading, writing, watching shows, painting may be things she likes to do as an avid introvert, but perhaps radio can be too.

“In general, I really like radio because I’m learning so much. I barely knew anything about radio before I joined so it is really interesting to learn all these new things. I also really like just being in the studio playing around with the equipment and just really enjoying myself. I thought it would fit best because I love music. And even more than that I like forcing people to listen to songs I like so this seemed the perfect opportunity.”

So grab a yangnyeom fried chicken at the Orientals and tune in to Aranka’s specialty show K-HUB where you guessed it already…k-pop being forced into you. Wednesdays 1-2PM!


Chrisania, 22, all the way from Cole Bay, Sint Maarten! With music in her veins and experience to gain, HUB Radio is the spot!

“Music + Talking. Name a better duo. Radio is a cool platform to engage & inspire. I enjoy giving the spotlight, whether that be playing someone’s music or interviewing someone. Always something to gain or learn. Music is really a big passion of mine, listening to it, mixing it and creating it. It’s amazing, they way each song can flow through each person differently."

Tune in to Word of the Street by Chrisania, Nikhil & Raheem on Fridays 4-6PM!


David, 21, born in Budajenő, Hungary with downhill skateboarding being missed. He is also one of the new DJ’s in HUB Radio.

“I have always loved entertaining people with my talking even though it doesn’t work all the time but hey, I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far, I just want to bring a bit of laughter into people’s life to make it less sad when they fail their finance exam. Man, those buttons are so satisfying to push on radio. But seriously, it gives me a platform that I have never really encountered in my life, where I can just talk and people listen. Such an amazing feeling knowing that there is someone out there who is actually enjoying what we are talking about.”

Wanting to make people laugh can sometimes come from personal experience, definitely in David’s case.

“I was at a party and I wanted to go to my girlfriend’s room but I forgot that her mom was sleeping in there so I just went in laid down and I was like hm something is off then I felt kind of awkward but now it’s just really funny.”

Catch David on his podcast Vending Machine of Curiosities with Jayden and Tudor, maybe you’ll hear about more funny awkward moments.


Ebony, 18. Ever traveled to the airport? Then you have for sure heard of Leiden, where of course Ebony is from. She loves going to concerts, terraces, clubs or anything with friends. Playing guitar, reading and watching movies may be some of her down time activities, but listening to music really loud that you can’t even hear your thoughts is a 24/7 type a thing for Ebony.

“I have a passion for the ins-and-outs of the music industry. My dream job is somewhere in that area. Whether it be tour manager, artist manager, A&R, etc. I don’t care I just want to work in the field. I had never thought about radio before, but it was close to my interest and now I’m liking it so much that I am considering having my internship at a radio station in The Netherlands! I like that the main focus is having a one-to-one (one-sided) conversation with your listener. The reach of radio is so broad, but in a show, you talk to your audience like one person is only listening. You don’t hear or see the people on the other side, but you feel heard.”

If you like Christmas then you have a common thing with Ebony, maybe or maybe not for the same reason. “I love Christmas, because it feels like it starts 2 months before the actual holiday.” But if you like juicy stories or gossips, then definitely tune in to Ebony’s specialty show Spin and Spill along with Mabel and Lise every Tuesday at 3-5PM!


Esmee, 19, going on to 20 this February so if you see in the radio studio be sure to cheer on!

“I actually never expected to like radio as much as I do now, but I wanted to do radio because of my love for music, and since radio was the only department that was related to music, I thought why not? Ever since, I have been falling in love with radio and could not see myself doing any other department. I like how you can connect with people without physically being there, yet you can still laugh together and tell the funniest things.”

If laughing is your thing then listen to what Esmee has to say. “Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Dejav. Dejav who? Knock! Knock!” Heyo! Listen to one of Esmee’s all time favorite song Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra on her specialty show Release Riot with Noortje every Tuesday 12-2PM!


Iris, 19, born and raised in city of Netherlands not many students know. You want to find out? Well stay tuned in.

“I have always looked up to people I heard on the radio, because I find it so fascinating how they manage to engage people with only their voice. This is something that I wanted to learn, to be able to create and host interesting radio shows. But not only that: the equipment with all the different buttons looked so cool and I wanted to learn how to use that. I like talking to people and having interesting conversations. I love listening to music, listening to stories and listening to people. And the beautiful thing about radio is that you have an entire world of those aspects that you can listen to whenever and wherever you want, by just turning it on. With radio you create entertainment only based on audio. This is really special in today’s world of media, because almost everything is visual, preferably with video. This makes it hard to leave things up to imagination. Radio however does that, because traditionally it only consists of audio. I also like how radio is constantly going on, there is not a moment of silence, and this is a skill you really need to learn as a radio DJ.”

Still tuned in? Great, listen to this.

“When I was working as a volunteer in the Production Team at Camp Lost this year, which is the introduction week for Media and Games students. Everybody in my team was running on no to very little sleep, and we were laughing until we couldn’t breathe about everything during our late-night editing session. I think it probably looked like we were on drugs at some point, and even though we of course didn’t take anything you could say we were high on sleep deprivation, haha.”

With great moments like these, how can you not still be tuned in? Want to really know which city Iris is from? Well then tune in to her specialty show Thursday Night Fever with Ali and find out there. Every Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00 only on BUAS HUB Radio.


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Making their way to BUAS HUB Radio, all the way from North Carolina USA, weigh-in: none of your business, age 19, JAYDEN…ROLLIIIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!! [Wrestling Announcer] If that doesn’t fire you up than this will.

“I wanted to try something new as I’m usually stuck at my desk editing videos for hours un-ending but with radio I can relax and have fun listening to music and sharing relevant information without a ton of pressure. Radio is very self-expressive and performative at the same time. Behind the microphone I can be myself or act as someone entirely different whenever I feel like it. Keeps me on my toes. When I was in high school, I was in theatre and on one of the show nights for Seussical the Musical I slipped and busted my ass on some bubble solution while I was running off-stage in front of everyone. Thankfully, it wasn’t super noticeable from the crowd but everyone in the wings was trying not to laugh.”

Way to keep it on the toes. It’s a joke…they have one too, here. “Y’know what they say about big bills? You’re probably a duck.”

If you’re still not fired up than you will definitely be once you tune in to Jayden’s podcast Vending Machine of Curiosities with Tudor and David.


Kyanni, 20, coming from da carnival island Sint Maarten!

“Honestly, before this study, I’d never considered a career in radio. However, I’ve been connected to music, sound, and art my entire life through my family, as well as my own connection with artistry. When I realized Radio was an option for specialisation, it seemed like the most logical decision for me to make. I love that we have the ability to communicate and bond with our listeners. We’re able to influence someone’s day by sharing what makes us unique.”

Speaking about sharing...

“My brother went scuba diving, and for about 3 minutes, he thought he was recording the water in front of him. Whole time he was recording himself. it’s just a really funny video to watch.”

Check out Kyianni’s speciality show K(e)Y to the Castle on HUB Radio every Tuesday 2-3PM.


Lara-Elin, 20, close to the lake of Constance, Bad Schussenried, Germany.

“I should probably have made a copy of my motivational letter which I wrote at the end of last year to apply for Radio, because that one was a real bop. I like talking and sharing my opinions and have always been interested in working with my voice and performing on and off-stage. I also think it's nice and important to consume and produce more audio content, since we are bombarded with visuals everyday anyway. Sometimes it's just important to listen to something and let your imagination run free. Radio can also help overcoming prejudices since you can't judge a person based on their looks when the only thing you hear is their voice.”

The importance of listening is truly nice, so keep listening.

“My Italian roommate Joy and I were in our shared kitchen. We were playing a card game called “Phase 10” and I was in the middle of defeating her and put my cards down to show her that I won the round and in that same second, the shitty kitchen chair broke down and half a second later I found myself laying on the dirty kitchen floor. Joy laughed so much about it that she started crying. There is even proof of this scene, because she was fast enough to snatch a picture of me in a truly miserable.”

Want to see the proof? Then check out BUAS HUB Radio livestream and maybe Lara-Elin will show you during her next specialty show The Happy Morning Show - Tuesdays 8-9AM!


Lise, 20, out of Tilburg, NL.

“Well, to be honest: radio wasn’t my first choice. So, at first I had doubts about this. But I found out that its really fun to do the live shows and stuff, because you can entertain (and sometimes annoy) people while just being yourself. The interaction with the public is really fun. I also like to talk. Sometimes too much. So, this is perfect. I remember one time, I got drunk (I’m not an alcoholic, I promise) and fell to the other side of the bus. Unfortunately, I broke a rib.”

If these are the types of stories you would like to hear, then definitely tune in to her specialty show Spin and Spill with Ebony and Mabel - Tuesdays at 3-5PM!


Mabel, 19, need a city with Airport? Well Mabel’s city has one, Eindhoven!

“When I was looking for an education, I saw that there was a radio studio at this school and this training was connected to it. That was one of my points that persuaded me to choose this course. When we had to choose a department, this department excelled for me. I have a great passion for music, I listen to radio stations day in and out. music keeps me busy and keeps me positive. My image on radio is that radio is a platform where everyone can go and whenever they want and that you always have someone, you get the feeling that you are not alone, and you can listen to a new song.”

Keep listening to music and keep positive indeed, a joke will definitely be another positive keeping.

“Your mother has been with us for 20 years," says John. "Isn't it about time she got her own place?" "My mother?" replied Helen. "I thought she was your mother.”

If you want to hear Mabel tell more about her stories or crack some jokes, then tune in to her specialty show Spin and Spill with Lise and Ebony - Tuesdays at 3-5PM!


Martin, 20, from the proud country of Ukraine. Martin likes to play guitar, drums, and video game, but most importantly talking amongst with others.

“I like speaking to an audience. Making people laugh makes me happy and the radio gives me the great opportunity to express myself and entertain others. I like everything that has to do with radio. From improvising, clicking buttons, adding audio effects to playing music, I just like being live on the radio.”

You like to laugh? Well listen here.

“One morning I got locked at the terrace of BUAS by accident. I had to call a friend of mine to open from the other side.”

So, if laughing and getting help is a thing for you, tune in to Martin’s show the Last Soldat, every Tuesday 6-7PM!


Nikhil, 22, if you need any tech support you can for sure check somewhere else, straight outta India…Nikhil Ahujaaa! Don’t be so sensitive, it’s a joke!

“It’s the closest department to what I want to work on after I am done with university. I always find out new and interesting music to listen to whenever I tune in to radio and that’s a big plus for me.”

Is Nikhil really Nikhil?

“The time when I was just joking around in class when the lecturer had left the class for a minute not realizing that the lecture was actually being recorded, so when I did realize I introduced myself to everyone as another classmate. Then half an hour later the classmate that I introduced myself as walked in.”

If you like to have fun just like Nikhil, then tune in to his specialty show Word of the Street alongside Chrisania and Raheem - every Friday 4-6PM!


Noortje, 18, all the way from the Netherlands…Noortjeeeeeeee the young.

“I really like talking and I really like music. So, to be able to combine the two in radio is really great! I like that you can tell stories to people to inspire them or make them smile. Something I like to do is horse-riding! I have done this since I was really young.”

Horseback riding sure sounds fun, you know what’s not fun?

“The moment that I went to school with some friends and all of their bikes were stolen.”

So maybe sticking to a horse is better than a bike. But if you’re like Noortje and likes to listen to music and talk, then tune in the her specialty show Release Riot with Esmee - Tuesdays 12-2PM!


Raheem, 24, from a country where you can get two nationality, Sint Maarten!

“I like being heard; I like that I am able to reach people with my voice. I like producing music as well.”

If you like music like Raheem does then…oh, wait what about a funny joke?

“What do you call a pig that knows karate? A pork chop!”

Wow, grab a HAMmer and tune in to Word of the Street with Raheem, Chrisania and Nikhil - Fridays 4-6PM!


Sander, 18, from the great rainy and beautiful country Netherlands.

“Music and radio always have interested me. I just love the fact that you are the DJ for some many people, playing music and just chatting for school! What do you want more? All the different buttons. No, for real I just simply like everything. The music, the people, the control. A This weekend I did a pubquiz with my friend and one friend gave the most stupid answers at almost all of the question for the whole thing I just couldn’t stop laughing.”

If laughing is what you like to do, then definitely check out Sander’s show (g)old with Sanne - Tuesdays 10AM to 12PM!


Sanne, 21, from a small town near Tilburg in the beautiful Noord-Brabant.

“I was listening to ‘De top 2000’. That is a list of the top 2000 songs of all time, played at the end of every year between Christmas and New Year’s. While I was listening to this, I thought to myself: How cool would it be to play music the whole day and even earn money with it?! And that’s the moment I decided that I wanted to be a radio DJ. Working with music, introducing people to my favorite songs and exploring new music myself.”

With Sanne’s show (g)old you can listen to some old music and jokes just like this “What is a room with no walls? A mushroom.” Check out (g)old with Sanne & Sander - Tuesdays 10AM to 12PM!

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