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(G)OLD is the show for the golden oldies. Here we only play and talk about songs from the 70’s and the 80’s. Are you crying because of your ex to Alone by Heart, or do you want to party to Dancing Queen by ABBA, then you are at the right place! These are the songs that your dad plays in the car.
Start your day with (G)OLD, every Tuesday from 10 till 12 on HUB Radio.



7 months ago

The last (G)OLD show

On the 9th of May was the last (G)OLD show on HUB Radio. Here a little throwback to some of the amazing shows we did!
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8 months ago


During the third annual Easter egg hunt at Buas, (G)OLD decided to play the (G)OLD top 10! Everyone at campus had the opportunity to vote for their favourite […]
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9 months ago

(G)OLD: Highlight 2 - Karaoke

Sanne had a fun weekend in Antwerp, where she went to a karaoke bar. After some convincing of Sander, she decided to share the footage! (G)OLD - every […]
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9 months ago

(G)OLD: Highlight 1 - Valentines Day

During the valentines special of (G)OLD we only mentioned a few times that this day is about love... (G)OLD - every Tuesday from 10 till 12
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