Show: Vending Machine of Curiosities

Come one, come all, and lend an ear to uncover the oldest, newest, oddest, and weirdest conspiracy theories, cryptids, and bits of folklore to keep you up at night. Lets unpack these weird stories sharing our thoughts and feelings with witty tidbits, wild tangents, and albeit general obscure stupidity. New episodes every other Tuesday at 15:00 on the HUB!



2 days ago

Vending Machine of Curiosities: Highlight 1

This is the Vending Machine of Curiosities at its finest. Hopefully, this will convince you to check out our podcasts if it doesn't... Then reconsider. This episode was […]
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1 week ago

Vending Machine of Curiosities: Ep 3 - REAL or FAKE? Edition 1

Come one, come all, come test your skills of deduction on this episode your hosts try to trick each other into believing if a conspiracy theory or cryptid […]
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3 weeks ago

Vending Machine of Curiosities: Ep 2 - QAnon

Come one, come all, come on down and listen to the obscurity of the conspiracy theory that is QAnon. Where did it come from? What is it? The […]
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1 month ago

Vending Machine of Curiosities: Ep 1 Pilot - Denver International Airport (DIA)

Come one, come all, come down and hear about the mysteries and curiosities that lie within the Denver International Airport. What makes this place so weird? Is the […]
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