Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars – what do they have in common? Right, they make up some of the most iconic fictional universes that we know of. Within these worlds, where imagination takes the lead, stories write themselves and create endless possibilities.

Here, at Breda University of applied sciences, students from all over our human world come together and live out their own narratives. To spotlight these stories and lives, we will be creating a space where creativity has no limit and expression is welcomed without judgement.

So, welcome to the nook of the BUas HUB where every week, slowly and with your help, the BUas World is being built. To give input on the different aspects, keep an eye on the BUas HUB Instagram stories and cast your votes! Come with us on a journey and Discover Your World.

The world of HUB is hidden on the BUas campus, always present but hardly visible; leap through a secret passageway to discover the wondrous sceneries. Once you enter, you will find a place that consists of five areas representing each of the academies. Within these areas, you will find different sections representing the different studies we have at BUas. Each fracture has its own characteristics, what those are we will determine later, so keep an eye out for the HUB Instagram stories!

The world of HUB consists in parallel to our own, laid on top of it like a fantastical second layer. Sometimes, when you look very closely, or when you are on the brink of crying into your 11th cup of coffee because of your deadlines, you might even see it through tears in the fabric of reality.

Those that inhabit the HUB world are different from us; they have magic and even look different. Next time, we will explore the folk. Do you want to have a say in the character design of the people? Then check in regularly at the HUB Instagram stories!