Everyone has their own coping mechanism when it comes down to self-isolation. Some are working out, others are binge-watching and there’s also a group who’s been on a bender ever since the schools are closed. Whatever your coping mechanism is, here’s a list of people who wrote songs to feel better during this pandemic. And you’ll probably feel better after them too.

Hello (from the inside) – Chris Mann

This parody of Adele’s song is hilariously accurate. Chris Mann dramatically expresses how he slowly is losing it. And he is not the only one. I’m also about to throw all my furniture off the balcony, just for the sake of not being bored.

Wash, wash, wash your hands

Songs are not only used to entertain us during the crisis. Some songs are dedicated to teach children how to wash their hands properly. ‘Wash, wash, wash your hands’ explains it very easy on the popular tune of ‘Row, row, row your boat.’ Stay safe kids!

Nothing but Thieves - Is Everybody Going Crazy

Sometimes a song you write becomes crazy relevant. This happened to the alternative rock band Nothing But Thieves. They recently released the song ‘Is Everybody Going Crazy’? It initially was not about the Coronavirus but looking at the lyrics it applies to it perfectly.

Yeah, everybody's going crazy

Can't get through to you lately

We're so hopelessly faded

Is anyone else feeling lonely?

17 Miljoen Mensen (17 Million People) – Davina Michelle ft. Snelle

Since we’re talking about music, we cannot skip the new YouTube series from the famous Dutch radio station 538. In ’17 Miljoen Mensen’, Dutch singers perform in an empty Rotterdam Ahoy. Every episode ends with a version of ’15 Miljoen Mensen’, a song from Fluitsma & van Tijn. The version of Davina Michelle and Snelle left a big impression on the Dutch, as they sang the song especially for everyone fighting against the Coronavirus.

I Will Survive – The Corona version

This last one goes out to everyone that is stuck inside, the moms that have to homeschool their kids and the husbands that have to keep up with their slowly-going-mental wives. Victoria Emes, a British mom of two, made a razorblade sharp parody of ‘I Will Survive.’ With zero shame, she addresses everyone’s thoughts in a funny way.

Dear self-isolators, hold on! Don’t forget to stay inside and wash your hands to the tune of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat!’