The coronavirus might stay for a while. While it is here, we should make the best out of the situation. A lot of students have felt alone this past year and our social life is not what it used to be. Especially for first-year students, finding new friends and making new connections might seem difficult via online platforms. but what if I told you there was a place in Breda, where you can find these new connections?

Sororities in Breda?
First of all, have you heard of sororities in Breda? Well, let me tell you there are some spread out throughout Breda. The biggest sorority is ‘Phileas Fogg’, it is for Dutch students who want to find new connections other than people that are already in their classes. Then there is ‘Maximus’, which is also for students from different studies. Here you can meet people who are all looking for new connections. It is an easy way to find new friends to hang out, and have a drink with.

BUas Clubs
Once the lockdown is over BUas will provide different clubs as well that you can easily join. These are the clubs BUas is offering: Vintage Game club, Cooking club, Life drawing club, Sushi club, Book club, Yoga club, Neurodiversity club, Band Jam club and The theater club. These clubs are for all internationals and locals on BUas. Here you will meet up with fellow students and do entertaining activities from your sphere of interest. This is a fun new way to meet students from different studies as well.
 On the BUas website, you can find more information about the clubs they offer, but also which sororities and even student associations are provided. Student associations are places where you can meet students from different classes, but who follow the same program.

So, what are you waiting for? If you like to find new connections and want to experience the Breda student life to the max, you should definitely join a sorority in Breda or one of the offered clubs on BUas!