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Already a fan of Drag Race or a newbie looking to get into the local drag scene? Then take note! There is more drag in Breda than you may expect! Drag – the art form of dressing up to exaggerate a gender identity – is getting more and more popular nowadays. With RuPaul’s Drag Race hitting the charts, the art form of drag is getting more recognition. Finally!  

Finding drag performances can be a challenge, especially if you have no idea where to look. So where exactly do you start? No worries, I got you! Here’s my list of places with top-tier drag performances. Each with its own unique twist.  


Cheesecake is an event created by Holy Moly Breda and Drags of Anarchy – a famous drag agency – where they deliver a fantastic show. Drag queens from around the Netherlands gather once a month at the club/restaurant Holy Moly to give you great performances. Cheesecake is famous for its well-known drag artists like Envy Peru and My Little Puny, making it a show you do not want to miss. For just €34,50, you can have a three-course dinner before the show. Sounds amazing right? I attended Cheesecake multiple times, and I must say it was always an amazing experience. Dancing and singing along while watching the best performances will make it a night you will never forget. Definitely one to attend someday!  

House of Salvia

Want to find and support local drag queens? House of Salvia is definitely one to look out for. Founder and mother of the House, Emily Salvia, created a safe space where both the performers and the audience can be their true selves. Every other month a show can be found at MotMot Gallery, a café gallery at Electron Breda which is known as the 'cultural living room of Breda'. The show brings you important topics that are discussed in creative and humorous ways. From parody songs to spoken word, nothing is too much for House of Salvia. This is definitely the right place if you want to get to know drag in a more intimate way. 

Photo by Anne Bettman

Silent Music Bingo 

Silent Disco, Bingo and a Drag Queen, what more could you ask for? The Silent Music Bingo is right in the middle of the Clubs at the Havermarkt, making it the perfect place for students who want to have a great night with friends. What makes this event so special, is that you have to look for songs instead of numbers on the bingo cards! Hosted by drag queen Antonia In The Building, a party is guaranteed. Even though it is not a show, it is still a great performance by Antonia, with great prices to be won at bingo. Be quick! Their Christmas Edition is already on the 21st of December. So, gather your friends and get ready to sing your lungs out.  

Instagram: @desilentmusicbingo

Bottomless Boozy Drag Disco Brunch  

Cocktail lovers, this one is for you! At the Bottomless Boozy Drag Disco Brunch, you can have it all. On the last Sunday of each month, you can go to the restaurant The Street Food Club to have dinner, quizzes and great songs all while it gets hosted by famous drag queen Janey Jacké. You can have unlimited cocktails, beer, wine or soda. This one calls for a party!  

The Streetfood Club, 2023

Now it is your time to explore. Go out there, attend an amazing show and just like me, fall in love with the art of drag. And remember; “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gon’ love somebody else?”