HUB's live stream: Rafael and Reign Laslo.
By Roland Krips.

For the third live stream segment of HUB Radio, Rafael made it all about good vibes and hip hop. The stream took place on Instagram, where Rafael went live on the BUas Hub page and had a very special guest.

And bars were dropped!

Reign Lalso.
Reign Laslo is a Caribbean born rapper. His actual name is Tsar Richardson. He was born on the island of Curacao and is now chasing his dream of a rap career in the Netherlands. Tsar always knew he was talented. From a young age he was “freestyle rapping” every chance he got. He never considered rapping as a form of career. But coming to the Netherlands and realizing new opportunities, made him pursue his career. Tsar is now known for producing rhymes on many genres, such as TRAP, new wave hip hop, and disco.

Signed to 704 records.
Tsar was recently signed with 704 records and has a long-awaited single coming up on the 29th of May 2020. He expressed that getting signed to 704 records was a huge step forward for his career. The appreciation he has for 704 records is very noticeable. 704 records is an independent music record label and recording studio based in Amsterdam. Which focuses on providing a platform for artists and producers all around the globe, online and offline.

Performing on Lyrics and Spirits.
In the show, Rafael, and Tsar talks about “Lyrics and Spirits”, which is a show organized by 704 records and SIR Concepts, which takes place every two months in Amsterdam. This is a show where Tsar is gaining experience performing his craft as Reign Laslo. Rafael also had a conversation with James Allen before the Hub live stream show who is the CEO of 704 records. James expressed that the show “Lyrics and Spirits” aims to create a community of artists, DJs, hosts, designers, managers, and fans. It is a platform that provides artists the opportunity to spread their work, show their freestyle skills, and drop some bars for the crowd. If you wish to know more about this show check their Facebook page, “Lyrics and Spirits”. James described “Lyrics and Spirits” as “a cypher and an open mic at the same time”.

And talking about open mic….

Reign Laslo twisted the show with an open mic session. All I can say is it was fire. If you want to know more about Reign Laslo make sure to check his Instagram page, reignlaslo.