Everyone deserves true love and happiness in a relationship. Finding love may be a bit harder these days, because people approach each other less quickly than before. But there's a solution: dating apps! They're a great way to meet new people and potentially find that special someone. My friend Robyn found success with Tinder, and we talked about her story. 

How did you come across Tinder and what motivated you to start using the app? 

I knew Tinder for a while already back then, but never once considered using it. But then I had some drinks with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, and she told me about her boyfriend she met on Tinder and even some friends she made because of it. So, I decided to try it! I was single for a while and kind of curious about online dating. 

What were your expectations when you started using Tinder? 

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. I did believe that you could find somebody through a dating app but didn’t think it would happen to me. I just thought it would be a fun way to talk with some interesting people and maybe make some new friends. And of course, I secretly hoped that I would find love. 

Can you tell us about your experience with Tinder? How did the matching and chatting process go? 

In the beginning I found it quite exciting. I started by creating a profile and selecting photos that reflected me as a person but also my personality well. Then I started swiping and matching. I had some interesting conversations to say the least. Some were superficial or led to nothing, but I also had really fun conversations where it just clicked. It was a mix of fun and disappointing experiences. 

How was it to actually meet the people you chatted with? 

After chatting with several people for a while, I decided to meet up with some of them. I thought it was important to build a connection before taking the step to meet in person. I had a few nice dates, but it wasn't always a success either. Some encounters just weren't what I expected, but that's the reality of dating, I guess. But then I had this super fun date with this amazing guy! 

How was the date with your now boyfriend and what happened after this date? 

When I met my boyfriend Lars, it felt different from the previous dates. There was an instant click, and we had many common interests. It just felt really natural and effortless, like I knew him already for years. One date turned into many more and we made it official quite quickly. It just felt right. We are now together for almost 2 years already. I never thought I would find love like this through a dating app but hell I’m happy and grateful that I did. He makes me feel so happy and loved and just makes my life better by simply being in it. 

So, if you’re feeling like putting yourself out there more, consider trying a dating app. You might find your soulmate 😉