Image by Vectonauta on Freepik

Attention lovebirds! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while our wallets might not be as filled as our hearts, you can still make this a night you won’t forget. This year let’s celebrate love on a budget, right from your own home.  

Making sure you have the perfect date night on Valentine’s Day can be quite a challenge, especially without inspiration. That is why I tested out some fun date ideas and made a list with my top recommendations to give you some inspiration. So, grab your notebook and write them down to make sure you will have the best Valentine’s Day ever with your significant other (or best friend)! 

1. Baking Night

What’s better than creating memories while indulging in the yummiest desserts? Gather some ingredients, put on the cutest (matching) aprons, and turn yourself into true bakers. From cinnamon rolls to oven-baked s’mores (I recommend this one, it is heaven on a tray), the options are limitless. Pick your favourite movie and eat your freshly baked goodies together to end the night perfectly.  

2. Clay Modelling

Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Then this one is for you! Clay modelling with your significant other is THE activity to create memories. Get a block of airdrying clay and let your creativity run free. You can easily get this at the Action for just €3 which can get you two big sculptures or multiple little ones. With this activity, you get a night full of laughter and amazing sculptures full of memories! 

3. Spa Night

Up for a more relaxing night? An at-home spa date is the perfect idea. Buy some face masks, give your significant other a well-earned massage and test the skincare you always wanted to try out! This date is a perfect combination with a movie night and some popcorn. Just a tip!

4. Painting Candles

Dim the lights and set the mood, because you are getting into candle painting! This romantic activity is both fun and intimate. Get yourself some plain candles and colourful tea lights and colour away. With the wax of the tea lights, you can make different patterns. From dripping them onto the candle or using a spoon to create designs, everything is possible. You can even reuse the remains of the wax for dripping onto something else 😉

5. Sip-and-Paint

This activity is one of my favourites. You can buy a canvas almost everywhere for a cheap price, in combination with some paint. Pop open your favourite bottle of wine and set the mood with some music and get started! A fun activity to do is to rotate painting on each other canvases. Switch every 20 minutes and continue on the other canvas. This will create a funny and creative result!  

I hope this list gave you some inspiration for next week. Remember, Valentine’s Day is about creating moments together. It does not have to be a fancy dinner or a grand gesture, as long as the love is shared in the memories you have made!