Maria is a 21-year-old creative business student that keeps surprising me. It seems like she is busy with a different project every day. From being an English teacher to organizing a new poetry club. I asked her about her ambitions and drive throughout all these projects. 

Maria is originally from Poland, but studies Creative Business in Breda. She started her business in teaching English when the pandemic just started. She was in Poland at the time, but did not want to start a regular side job there, as she was planning on coming to the Netherlands to study. That’s when she started thinking about teaching English. Her motivation was her own love for this language and her amazing teacher in middle school who sparked that interest at a young age. Maria posted information in a Facebook group and more and more people contacted her. Right now, it is her official side job, and she enjoys it a lot. She would like to expand her business in the future but also does not like to lose the personal touch she has with her students. So, for now, she would love to continue in this way.

The Poetry Club

Another interesting project she just started is a poetry club. This club, organized at BUas, is a must for every poetry fan. Maria is a poetry fan herself. She was influenced by her own school experience, where poetry was only read because it was mandatory. Nobody understood or really felt the poems that were read. For her free elective she did a workshop in creative writing where there was a segment which included writing poetry. There she realized how fun it was, even though it was also hard, but every time she was done, she felt so proud of herself. There was a place in her heart, and time in her schedule to create a club, that’s how the poetry club came to life.

This club is a place where everyone can bring, read, and talk about poems. It does not matter what the author meant, it’s more about your own interpretation. It is an open place for everyone who shares the love for poetry, or for students that would like to learn more about it. Twice a month, on a Monday at 17:00, the Production House area is filled with interesting poetry. 
If you would like to join you could find posters all around campus which have QR codes on them which you can scan to sign up. Or you can email to