With our lives being a little different than normal, it is not weird that you might be feeling uninspired or bored. With social media as our escape and Netflix as our best friend, you might be tired of living the same day all over again. Art can be a way to feel inspired and get more out of your life. This article will tell you about five inspiring Instagram accounts to brighten up your timeline and daily life.


Color, color and more color. This London-based artist has collaborated with Vogue, Apple and more! She creates acid-doodles illustrations and shares them on her Instagram. It is creative and free for your own imagination. Perfect to feel more inspired.


Street artist Shepard Fairey overcomes the issue of street art’s static nature by using Instagram to share his works with the world. He creates controversial art, free for political discussions. A way to enjoy the image but also the message. So, what are you waiting for?


Danielle Krysa showcases artworks that ‘made her jealous’. Her Instagram is full of her art discoveries. Posting everyday a new artwork she found. So, it is the perfect place to find new artists to make you feel more inspired and energetic!


Karen Robinovitz posts pictures of the best art exhibitions of the moment. If you are not that familiar with art, Karen gives you a perfect view of what is trending at this moment. Perfect for when you start enjoying art and exploring your taste.


The company ‘the Collectors Guide’ created an Instagram to showcase all new trends in the current art industry. It also introduces upcoming and new artists, which can have all the help to increase popularity. A great way for you to support those beginning artists!

Hopefully, you feel more inspired after visiting these Instagram accounts. It is the perfect way to escape out of this world for a moment and feel more inspired in your daily life. So, visit Instagram and let your mind feel alive!