Are you craving and dreaming of that summer vacation that Covid-19 smashed in pieces? Get all in your summer feels by watching the new Netflix Original series, Outer Banks. The series represents the town OBX and the two sides that it has. “The sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses. Two tribes, one island.” Outer Banks is full of friendship, mystery, suspense, treasure, adventure, romance, and of course the rivalry between the pogues and the kooks.

The show follows around a group of teenagers that live on the south side of the island; they call themselves the pogues. Meet the crew; John B (played by Chase Stokes), he lives alone in an old fish shack, his father disappeared at sea nine months ago and his uncle (who is now his legal guardian) left town. Kiara, or better said Ki (played by Madison Bailey), is a rich kid and lives a double life, however, she is a pogue at heart and cares A LOT about turtles and the environment. Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss), is the smartest person of the crew, the brains of the operations. And finally, JJ (played by Rudy Pankow), the best surfer on the island.

When they find a boat wreck in the aftermath of a hurricane, the mystery begins. Why did John’s dad disappear at sea? Was it in his search for the famous shipwreck and treasure? The crew finds more and more clues about Johns dad and about the treasure. In their journey they get into multiple fights with the kooks, the police is after them, and you learn more about the characters backgrounds. They have their own personal problems, foster care, the possibility of losing a scholarship, alcoholic abusive dads, and much more.

On the other side of the island, we have the kooks, the rich people on the island. The kids are privileged and think they own the island, but they have problems of their own. The kooks have big houses, pools, boats, and a lot of luxury. However, not all of them want their lives to be like this.

The acting in the series is very good! Chase Stokes isn’t a very known actor but as the main character he makes the story feel real, this show could be his breakthrough. All the actors fit their characters and they portray them really well. The story is well written and something completely new. There is a lot of character development which makes you understand the characters much better, this makes you feel involved in the story. There is lots of suspense and there are many plot twists which makes you really invested in the story. This show is great to binge-watch and it makes you wish that the second season was already out.

If I haven’t won you over yet, go watch the trailer which I have linked down below. We can’t travel, so why not travel to OBX and live the life of a pogue. Who doesn’t want that? Have fun watching!