Although there are still some COVID-19 restrictions left, we are finally able to (mostly) live our normal lives again. We can go to campus, go to bars, travel, and even more. Everything you could only dream of in the last year is finally becoming possible again. But what to do with this newfound freedom? Well, I’ve decided to make a post corona bucket list for you with some must-visit places and things to do there. If your time in quarantine was a bit like mine, you probably can’t wait to see something else besides your own area. So, if you want some inspiration for your next trip (for both winter & summer holidays), keep on reading!

1. See the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura

Last summer, I got to visit Fuerteventura. Now you probably have the same reaction as I first had when I heard about this place: What is Fuerteventura? Well, it’s one of the Canary Islands. Flying from Amsterdam to Fuerteventura is about 4 and a half hours, but totally worth it. On the island, you can find a lot of desert-like areas which will have you feeling like you’re on a different planet. My favorite thing were the beautiful beaches. From the white sand to the clear blue water, Fuerteventura looks like paradise. So, if you want to go to a place that feels like the Caribbean but is a little closer to home (and a bit cheaper), make sure to visit Fuerteventura!

2. Visit the Christmas market in Antwerp

Visiting the big Christmas market in Antwerp is basically a Christmas tradition for me, so I highly recommend it. From the 4th of December until January 2nd, the city of Antwerp is turned into a real winter wonderland. The center is decorated with beautiful lights and is filled with hundreds of wooden stalls that sell the most delicious foods and products. And in the middle, there is a huge Christmas tree! To top it off, there is also a big Ferris wheel that will give a beautiful view of the city. The best thing is that it’s less than an hour away from Breda, so you can easily go there for one night!

3. Go cliff jumping in the Algarve

In case you’re looking for something that will give you an adrenaline rush, this is the best option for you. In the Algarve in Portugal, you can find some of the best cliff jumping spots. On the edge of many beaches, high rocks and cliffs can be found. This makes it the perfect place for jumping. And of course it provides beautiful views of the landscape and sea. If you decide to do this, I do suggest getting a guide. Not only because it’s safer, but also because they know the best spots and often some gorgeous hidden beaches. So, just go for it! If you dare…

4. Go (après) skiing in Austria

If you’re looking for a place to get the ultimate winter feeling, I suggest going to Austria. Beautiful mountains, snow, cozy towns… Austria has it all! And of course, if you go there, I would definitely try out skiing or snowboarding. Although it can be difficult in the beginning, it will be a lot of fun I promise! If you go skiing, there is something else that you must do to complete the experience: Après-skiing! Going out, drinking a lot of beer, and singing along to the typical music. It’s great! In Schladming you can find the biggest après-ski bar in Europe. With 7 bars and 3 floors, a good time is guaranteed here!

5. Eat tapas in Barcelona

Last but definitely not least, I highly recommend eating some tapas in Barcelona. This is my favorite cuisine and my favorite city. It doesn’t get better than that, right? If you often have a hard time deciding which meal to pick, tapas are your ultimate solution. You can just pick as many kinds of food that you like! With some good company and some delicious drinks, this promises a great evening. Let’s be honest, tapas taste great everywhere. But in a Spanish city like Barcelona, the experience will be even better.

So, I think the last thing for me to say is to go book that trip and have the best time of your life! You won’t regret it.