“In the year 2020, we’ll have flying houses, apes for chauffeurs and we will be able to travel to other planets just like we travel to other countries.”

Obviously, 2020 is a year where we already have been through some development which have made our lives much easier. But these are rather Earpods and Electric cars than flying houses. Many years ago, scientists and futurists predicted things about the wonderful year we live in now. Some are great, some are crazy.
Flying houses
Inventor and futurist Arthur C. Clarke believed that the ‘boring’ houses we live in now would be completely different in 2020. These houses would have nothing to keep them on the ground and they would even be able to move anywhere on earth. He even argued that it would be possible to migrate and move your house whenever you feel like it. That sounds like a dream, an unrealistic dream. Dear house, can you please move to the Bahamas?
Ape chauffeurs
RAND Corporation mentioned that in the year 2020 it may be possible to breed intelligent species of animals, that will be able to perform ‘regular’ jobs. It would be possible to have an ape that cleans your house and does all your chores. They predicted that it would even be possible to transform an ape into a taxi driver. Not sure what the animal protection will say about this.
Since forever, people have been dreaming of putting human beings on Mars. Scientists picked up 2020 as the perfect year to finally go to Mars. Every person on earth would then be able to just book a holiday to Mars. Imagine: all-inclusive hotel, music, beaches on Mars. Sounds pretty epic, but Spain would probably be a bit more realistic.
Telepathy and teleportation
Telepathy and teleportation would only be doable by superheroes from fictional movies. In 1985, scientists stated that in the year 2020 it would be possible to do this as human beings. From sitting at your home in Breda, to teleport yourself to Bali. Or to read everybody’s mind by just looking at them. Not sure what the world would look like if that’s possible.
Well, besides being able to travel to other countries, having dogs as pets and experiencing a world pandemic, these things would probably not happen anytime soon. But let’s be honest, living in our normal houses, watching Netflix and drinking cocktails on the beach in Spain, sounds like a perfectly fine life.