Smelling colours, seeing sounds and hearing flavours. You might think I have lost my mind, but all of this is possible. At least, with a little help from psychedelics. Hallucinogens, often referred to as psychedelics, cause an altered state of consciousness. They can affect one’s mood, sense of time, and distort the working of senses.

Maybe you’ve heard funny stories of people “tripping” at parties or festivals, but did you also know that psychedelics offer mental health benefits? Clinical trials by John Hopkins for example, have shown that psychedelics can help treat addiction, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I spoke to Luke (28) about his experiences with the use of psychedelics. Luke is a user expert; he has both positive and negative experiences with psychedelics and uses them mainly for personal growth. Luke calls himself a psychonaut, a psychonaut is a person who explores altered states of consciousness through hallucinatory drugs. 


The HUB entertainment platform and Breda University of Applied Sciences do not promote the use of drugs in any form or quantity and is not responsible for any consequences if you decide to take them. The stories that are told in this article are Luke’s personal experiences and opinions. The experiences he had might not be the same for others. 

What kind of psychedelics have you used?

It depends on what you count as psychedelics. In my opinion, weed belongs on the list. So, I started with weed, then truffles, magic mushrooms, and 2-CB, after that I tried LSD (acid), DMT and S-Ketamine. Yeah, I think that’s about it. 

What kind of psychedelic have you learned the most from?

That is a really tough question. LSD has shown me that time is relative to our experience, we all die one day. Time can mean so much, and I realized that the worst thing I can do to myself is waste that time. 

However, I think the most important lesson I learned, and I have to say it’s kind of hippie bullshit, was when I smoked DMT. As of that moment, I wasn’t afraid to die anymore. Nothing really matters, just have fun, and live your life the way you want. At the end of the tunnel, the universe will catch you, you’ll go to heaven, or whatever you prefer calling life after death. When you feel love and can accept that, there is no need to worry about if life is worth it. Pure love, that is what I experienced on DMT.

Do you also have bad experiences using psychedelics?

Most certainly! However, I do value those experiences. Especially LSD can be terrifying, that doesn’t stop me from taking it tough. I believe that whenever you have a bad trip, you’re supposed to learn something from it. LSD pierces right through lies, including the ones we tell ourselves. It allows you to objectively look at yourself and your surroundings. Therefore, you might realize that you haven’t been true to yourself. This can be scary and cause you to have a bad trip. You can allow that to put you down or think about it and learn something. 

What is your opinion on the use of psychedelics in the medical sector?

Clearly, I think it’s amazing! Mainly on a small scale and with a lot of guidance, psychedelics can be the medicine that we have been looking for. When it comes to mental health, they just give you some pills to treat symptoms. Those come with a book full of side effects that you’re just supposed to live with. A healthy use of psychedelics and therapy can help you to find the root of the problem. In my opinion that is far more useful than just treating symptoms. So yes, I am all in for the use of psychedelics in the medical sector!

Do you think everyone can use psychedelics? 

Yes, most people can, but only on two conditions; a good set and setting. First of all, a good set, this means that you are mentally stable before trying psychedelics. As psychedelics enhance your emotions, it is very important to feel good and have a positive mindset. The setting you’re in isn’t any less important. Make sure you’re in a safe and trusted environment with people you feel comfortable with. 

I recommend someone there to guide you through the experience, this is what we call a trip sitter They should have experience with the substance and will stay sober throughout the trip. Once you have established that, I think most people can have fun with psychedelics and learn a lot from it. Learning things such as appreciating the world around you and being more respectful towards others. 

Is there anything you still want to share?

Don’t cancel me for this one, but I think a lot of bad things happening in the world could have been prevented if we all just sat down, relaxed, and enjoyed a trip once in a while!

Be safe and enjoy!

The use of psychedelics does not go without risks. But in case that doesn’t stop your curiosity, I recommend taking a look at the do’s, don’ts and the sources below. 


  • Test your psychedelics! In the Netherlands, you can anonymously test your drugs. This does not include substances that can be purchased at smart shops. Read the first source below for more information.
  • Make sure you’re in a trusted setting with people you feel comfortable with.
  • Always have a trip sitter: Someone who has experience with the substance and will stay sober throughout the trip.
  • Make sure to have a free day the day after your trip as you will need to process what happened and get some rest.
  • Do enough research on the psychedelic you plan to take and make sure you know the do’s and don’ts specific to that substance.


  • Don’t use psychedelics if you have a predisposition to psychosis.
  • Don’t use psychedelics if you’re in a bad state of mental health as psychedelics enhance your emotions.
  • Don’t combine psychedelics with other drugs, substances or medicine.
  • Do not participate in traffic during or after your trip.

Useful sources