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Buzz is standing outside of the Amsterdam ArenA and is playing with a blade of grass with their shoes. Buzz fiddles with their fingers. Where is Bee-Bee? Did she ask me out as a joke and is she not coming? Or can she not find them between all these people? The last one surely isn’t it, because people are walking in a big bow around Buzz. They don’t understand why.

Then Buzz sees a girl with black tights, a furry black and yellow dress, and big black eyes. Her head is moving from left to right, searching the crowd with her eyes. She looks even better than this morning, Buzz thinks to themselves.

“Bee-Bee! Over here!” Buzz yells as they start waving.

When she sees them, the dimples in her cheeks appear again and she rushes to them. “Let’s go inside,” she says.

The ArenA is crowded, but somehow Buzz and Bee-Bee effortlessly find a great place to enjoy the show. They are standing in front of the stage with no one within a meter around them. “Why is everyone giving us so much space?” Bee-Bee asks, “when they see us coming, they immediately make way."

“I have no idea,” Buzz replies. “But let’s just be grateful for our great spot. The show will start any second now.”

At that moment a man with a beer in his hands stumbles onto Buzz. He turns around and says: “Sorry, I … o God, a bee, you were trying to hurt me, weren’t you? Go away!” and he lashes out at Buzz.

Just in time, Buzz jumps out of the way. “What’s your problem, man? I am not trying to hurt anyone.”

But the man can’t hear Buzz, because after the commotion he made, the entire crowd starts yelling and screaming while they look at Buzz and Bee-Bee.

“Buzz didn’t try to…” Bee-Bee tries to calm one of the screaming persons down, but she can’t finish her sentence, because now people are trying to wave her away aggressively as well.

Buzz quickly takes Bee-Bee by the hand and leads her out of the ArenA.

“Some people just don’t get it. They think we have nothing better to do than to sting them,” Bee-Bee says while Beyoncé is announced in the background.

Buzz doesn’t reply, they stare at the ground.

“Are you okay?” Bee-Bee asks them.

“I was just hoping for a fun night with you,” Buzz replies. “At BUas we never have this problem, right? I don’t get it.”

Bee-Bee shrugs her shoulders: “At BUas everyone is used to us. Besides, it is an inclusive community where everyone can be themselves. Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere. But it is a good reminder to cherish the people that do care about us, they are the most important ones,” Bee-Bee says while rubbing her hand over Buzz’s back.

Suddenly Buzz looks at Bee-Bee with doubt in their eyes. “Cherish our friends… Bee-Bee, I have to do something. Do you mind meeting up another day?”

“No problem. I was not planning on going back in there with those judgy people anyway. Even if that means missing the performance of Queen Bee. But why, what are you going to do?”

“I kinda ditched my friend to be here with you tonight. We were supposed to work on our research presentation. I really should go help him. But maybe we can meet another time at BUas, where we are more welcome?” Buzz suggests.

“Sure. Maybe we can go to the De-Stress Fest together on the 16th of May. I believe we can use a little de-stressing after what just happened. See you there?”

“Sounds great!”

“And Buzz, forget about those people tonight. Always bee yourself and you will bee fine.”

“Thanks for the kind words Bee-Bee. You are a beautiful bee-ing.”

With a blow kiss, Bee-Bee says goodbye and walks away.

Buzz smiles as they start blushing. A great night after all.