Sometimes getting the right present for your loved ones can be difficult, especially without asking them what they want for Christmas. If you still have not decided what you should get them for Christmas, look no further. Because I got a list of tech presents for you and why these are great for friends and family.

Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect present for young and old because the speaker can be of use in multiple areas. It complements festive occasions like garden parties with friends, picnics in the park or maybe on festival camping grounds. It’s also perfect for your bathroom when you want to sing under the shower or shake off when brushing your teeth. Good Bluetooth speakers start at about €40,-. An example is these speakers from Anker that some of my friends also recommended to me: Amazon.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been around since 2017 and it is still is an outstanding console. With its big game library, there’s something for everyone. May it be Mario Kart, where you race against your friends, “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, where you discover an save a world, or “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” where you take care of your own little island. There is something for everyone on this great device. The small version for Single Player experience starts from €200,- , the big one where up to 4 players can play on one device starts at about €330,-.

Switch Lite: Amazon Switch: Amazon

Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is a purchase I have recently made and thought it should make this list. Noise Cancelling Headphones are perfect for when you are commuting to work as they block out most of the annoying rumbles that busses or trains have. Other areas where they are really great is when you have noisy neighbours in already noisy public areas, and you want to finish your school document as the deadline is creeping closer. Personally I use these Sony Headphones: Amazon also the Apple AirPods Pro are great Headphones: Apple

Personalized Phone case

This is a great gift for your loved ones and doesn’t cost that much. You can create your own design; may it be a picture of your cat or a photo with you and your loved ones. You can create one on They have options for almost every phone that’s out there. With the added value that their cases are sturdy and well built. There are also already existing designs to chose from if you want to.


A smartwatch is a great tech accessory that complements personal life. These have gone a long way over the years. With current models, you are able to track your sleep, check your pulse or even your oxygen levels. Other than the health functions it can also show your notifications, enable you to control your music and set alarms. Smartwatch prices differ a lot based on the functions you want to have. Personally, I use the MiFit Smartwatch which costs about €40,- and has sleep tracking functions. It also has workout tracking, basic notifications and music control. The top of the line option is the Apple Watch as it’s the one with the best integration of all elements, but there are many options in between where you can choose from.

Apple Watch: Mediamarkt
 MiFit Smartwatch: Amazon

That’s all folks! I hope I was able to give you some ideas for what to gift your loved ones for Christmas and wish you all great success with all your shopping endeavors. Also, I wish you a great Christmas with good food and nice presents. See you after the winter break!