The Summer Festivals We All Wait For!

Music explosion for your ears

Summer is right around the corner, isn’t it? Well, maybe not right around, but it’s coming with all force and it’s just a couple of months away (4 months to be exact!). Summer is the season of the year when everything is peaceful, colorful, beautiful, positive, warm and exciting. You can feel the fresh wind in your hair, you can feel the warmness of the setting sun on your skin, you can take pretty pictures during the golden hour and you can enjoy long bright nights with friends drinking beer at the park. However, the best thing about summer it’s that is the time of escaping from the reality of your daily life and dive into complete fun.

After daydreaming for months on end about sipping a cold (or tepid, we’re not fussy) drink in the hot sun to our favorite bands, it’s great news that some European festivals are finally planning to welcome concert-goers as the weather warms up and the best part is that they are Covid-friendly!

One of them is the Untold Odyssey summer festival, which combines in one, an exotic seaside excursion, while at the same time attending an amazing and outstanding music festival! Are you ready to embark on the most epic party of the Mediterranean Sea? For 5 days and 4 nights, during 1st -5th September, you have the opportunity to hop on to a memorable and mesmerizing adventure full of dancing and partying until the sunrise on a cruise ship that will seal around the Mediterranean coastline. You will have the pleasure to dance under the beats of world-class DJ’s, expect names such as David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Galantis and many more. Moreover, the organizers of the festivals said that they provided Corona safe environment, so one thing less to worry about. This festival is a little bit more expensive, since is taking place on a cruise ship so if you really want to go be ready to safe from now, since prices vary between 2000-3000 euros. To see what I am talking about check the trailer here  and more information on their official website:

Another Covid-safe summer festival to looking forward to is Sziget Festival, taking place 2nd week of August in the magical and ancient city of Budapest, Hungary. It’s a music festival, which welcomes every year people from over 100 nationalities and is truly an unforgettable and global experience. Entitled “the island of freedom” this festival gives a unique music experience since it hosts artist from almost every part of the world, which gives you the chance to listen to music styles from many countries. This year’s lineup is not yet announced, but last year people enjoyed artists such as Ed Sheeran, The 1975 and Florence and the Machine. For the reasonable price of 325 euros for a 7-day pass plus basic camping, you can have a memorable experience. Sziget is for those who enjoy a bits of art and culture mixed in with their chart toppers. You can check all additional information on the festival’s page

The third festival you should expect with big excitement and get ready for, is Exit Festival, which is located in Serbia. The great aspect of this music festival is that is on budget and for the small price of 109 euros, you get to spend 4 days in the small, cute and cozy city of Novi Sad with an extra camping supplement for 30 euros. The festival will take place from 8-11 July and according to the information on the website is Covid-safe! Prepare for 4 crazy nights of non-stop partying in the company of the globally famous artists such as: DJ Snake, Eric Pryds, Tyga and many more. So if you are looking for a festival on budget, experience new culture as the one of East Europe and at the same time listen to awesome music you can check their website:

So are you ready for summer and all it can offer you? I hope after reading about all of these amazing festivals, you are hyped for the summer and can’t wait for sharing some wonderful memories with your friends, enjoying great music, parties and having non-stopping fun!

Written by Ema Nikolaeva