Many students from Breda will probably know it: the FoodHall in Breda. The FoodHall is right in the center, so many of you must have walked by. But have you ever been inside? I would definitely recommend it! It is a perfect place where you can enjoy delicious meals with your fellow students, friends or family. It is a great meeting place and a real 'place to be' for the students of Breda, where you can eat, drink and socialize. The place is very relaxed and you can enjoy all the goodies that the kitchens have to offer in a relaxed atmosphere. FoodHall Breda has something for every budget and occasion, and of course for every taste. You will find several world cuisines under one roof. This diversity is also perfect for when you and your friends can't figure out at which restaurant you want to eat. When one wants sushi, the other wants pizza, you know the problem.

The different world cuisines

In total, the FoodHall contains no less than 12 kitchens with a wide variety of dishes and drinks from different corners of the world. I would like to tell you my personal favorites, so that you can also enjoy these delicious world cuisines!

Immediately upon entering you will see all the different stalls. The first stall is called 'Ume', also known from the sushi restaurant in Breda. Here you can get the most delicious sushi and pokebowls. You can choose your own ingredients. They have a very wide selection ranging from salmon, soybeans, to avocado and many more toppings. In addition to this Asian cuisine recommendation, there is another Asian kitchen. Namely the 'Viet Mi', with Vietnamese street food. Here you can get both small snacks and larger meals. The next world cuisine is Italian. There are many kitchens serving Italian food in the FoodHall, which provide you with an abundent selection of delicious pastas and pizzas. Therefore, I recommend the FoodHall for Italian cuisine as well!

A must go!

The great thing about this place is that you can decide exactly how much you want to eat. So are you looking for a small bite or to really satisfy your hunger? This place is perfect for both situations! In short, are you ready for a place in these summer days where you can get together with friends or family; do not hesitate and visit the FoodHall in Breda!