We are all aware that the world is not inexhaustible and needs our help. But how do we treat our own climate with kindness? The HUB is here to help you out! We have gathered a collection of things you can do to help save the planet.

In the household, there are many ways to save energy. So especially for all students living on their own, stay tuned!

  1. Save on the small things
    It is always best to start small, instead of not starting at all; try to save on standby consumption. After you’ve charged your phone, pull the plug out of the socket. Turn off the lights when you leave the room and turn off your tv instead of leaving it on standby. Because unfortunately, the idea of a device that does not consume power as long as it is not turned on, regardless of whether the plug is still in the socket is a myth. Especially with old devices, you can save up on this.  In a year, this saves around 12 euros, which can go straight into your savings! Even though this may not always seem worthwhile, change starts with the first step.
  2. Ice, ice baby
    Use less hot water whilst washing your clothes or during showering. Several studies show that a cold shower increases your immune system and blood circulation. It also lowers your stress level. Even though I think we are all aware of this method, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is very useful!
  3. .Lights up
    A LED bulb is 90% more economical than an incandescent bulb and uses 85% less power than a halogen bulb. So, all the better to start replacing your old light bulbs! Still, do not forget to turn off every kind of light, LED bulbs or not.
  4. Save up in the kitchen
    If you didn't already know, old ovens consume a lot of energy. The older the oven, the longer it takes to preheat it. As I live in quite an old house, I have an old kitchen and thus an old oven. As a mother’s day gift, we invested in an air fryer. Not only is it more healthy, but also saves on energy consumption. It might be a bit of an investment, but it also saves on energy and thus money on the energy bill eventually.
  5. Sweater Weather
    Yay! Autumn has officially started. Even though unfortunately we didn’t get great wheater in the Netherlands over the summer, it is starting to get even colder. We all know what that means, right? Sweater Weather! Get your Christmas sweaters, blankets, and hot chocolate ready, and crawl on the couch to stay warm rather than turning up the heat. It is not only cosy, good for the energy bill and good for the environment, dressing up warm can also be very fashionable. Just like last year, layers are still super trendy. Nothing but a win-win situation in my eyes!

(link to the song: Sweater Weather, by The Neighbourhood)

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