Hi! Welcome back (or just welcome if this is your first time reading a book review from me). Last time I talked about a romantic comedy trilogy, but this week I am here to tell you about a thriller book: Verity. Verity is a book that will stay with you forever. It’s written in such a haunting way that you can’t shake it from your mind. I rarely find a thriller that makes me look over my shoulder while I’m reading it. It’s easy for a scary movie to make you feel unsettled, but it’s a little harder for a book, as they can’t jump scare you or build the tension with music. To be able to creep someone out with a book, you need to be an amazing writer. Evidently, Colleen Hoover, the writer of this book, is just that.

Now that you know it’s a great book, I’ll tell you a little about what’s it’s about. Verity is mainly about three people; struggling author Lowen Ashleigh, Jeremy Crawford, and Jeremy’s wife, Verity. Verity is a very successful writer, but she is no longer able to keep writing her series, as she got into a car accident and is now unable to do anything. Because of this, Jeremy hires Lowen Ashleigh to write the last three books of the series. Ashleigh stays over at Jeremy’s and Verity’s mansion so that she can check out Verity’s office. In this office she tries to get into Verity’s mindset, but she finds more than just the thought process behind the already written books. Lowen finds a manuscript that appears to be an autobiography of Verity’s life up until now.

Once you read the manuscript, you’ll probably draw your own conclusion, and then another twist in the book happens and you’ll come to another conclusion. But I can already tell you, you probably won’t be right. The twists in this book are done so well that it always keeps you guessing. By the end you think you finally have a grasp on the truth, and then another plot-twist appears. As I’ve said before, Verity is a book that will stay with you forever. It’s haunting, twisted and a giant mind-fuck. But most of all, it’s brilliant