So, we students of BUAS, are one of the many people that are ‘the future’ of this world we live in now. Scary? Yes. But it is also something to be excited about. We are the ones that can change our behavior to make the world a little more perfect. We can make companies greater with the new knowledge and behavior we learn every day. That sure brings some pressure with it (at least for me). Some students have a clear view on their future, but some don’t. Scary? Yes. But this article might give you some inspiration from the ambitions of your fellow students of BUAS.

Wies Haamers a.k.a. The Southern Nightingale

Wies dreams of becoming a voice actress. To do dubbing, record cartoons and to use her voice in commercials. This dream started when she was on Bonaire with her uncle, who is a voice actor himself. One time, Wies got the opportunity to record for Xenos commercials. There she was, recording in a small recording room on Bonaire. At that moment Wies discovered her talent, the start of her career (and Xenos loved it!).

At that moment Wies decided to study IMEM here at BUAS. Many students ask her to record voice overs for their projects and she is signed at a voice agency. Also, Wies practices during her times in the radio booth on school. She does everything to start her career as perfect as possible. Her dream is to start her own company, but she also knows this is not going to be easy in the highly competitive market.

Wies is already doing a great job in pursuing her dreams and ambitions. Can’t wait to hear her voice in commercials, cartoons or beyond.

Arleth Sanders a.k.a. The Born Leader

Arleth discovered her dream job during her internship at Koffietijd and 5 Uur Live: a television producer. Years ago, she already knew that this was the direction she wanted to go but working at Talpa confirmed that. The people, the chaos and being a ‘regelmiep’ give her energy and the motivation to work every day with 100% effort.

With Arleth being her most Brabant self, she is bothered by the fact that most media companies are placed in the western part of the Netherlands. That is why she secretly hopes that she can work at a company like OmroepBrabant and pursue her life in Veldhoven or Eindhoven.

Arleth is 24 years old when she graduates. The last time she walks out of BUAS, is also the last time she will ever walk out of a school. This will be start of her producer career. Perhaps Arleth becomes the next John de Mol?

So many different people and so many different opportunities in this world. The start of a new chapter. Scary? Yes. But we can do it, we are the future!