Word of the Week – Aglet This is a song with a great amount of nostalgia connected to it. It is the word that was taught to me by my favourite childhood cartoon, Phineas and Ferb. If you know what word I am talking about, you are my kind of person. If not, just continue reading and find out - and after that look up the song cause it is a banger!

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! Here, I inform you about a word that I believe is not used enough and how you can use it in a sentence. The word of this week is:


Aglet: “Aglet” is a noun. It means: the plastic end on a lace (most often a shoelace)

Example sentences:

- “I always keep forgetting what the end of my shoelace is called.” “Oh, just think about that song of Phineas and Ferb, A-G-L-E-T!”

- “I accidentally broke the aglet of my shoe and now it is difficult to properly put the laces in the shoe.”

- I prefer metal aglets over plastic once, cause they have more endurance. And here a little link to the song