All words have a meaning. Some words are the lack of meaning of its subject, therefor having the meaning of lack of meaning. Confused? So was I. Don’t worry. It will all make sense in a minute. Just continue reading.

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! Here, I inform you about a word that I believe is not used enough and how you can use it in a sentence.   The word of this week is:  


MacGuffin: “MacGuffin” is a noun. For the meaning I think it is best to look at the director that is said to introduce this word to the world, Alfred Hitchcock. He said: “The MacGuffin is the thing that the spies are after, but the audience don't care.” It is a plot device, only there to give the characters something to go after, but of no importance. It can be changed to anything else without impacting the plot in any meaningful way.

Example sentences:

-The audience stared at a briefcase for the entire movie without knowing what it contained, only knowing that the protagonist wanted it. A typical MacGuffin.

-The ring in “Lord of the Rings” is weirdly not a MacGuffin, since it being a ring is significant to the story and can’t just be replaced by any random object.

-Every infinity stone, except for the Time Stone, in the marvel universe is a MacGuffin!