This is probably the stupidest looking word I have ever done, and I am here for it. It looks so dumb. Who even came up with it? Who said: “this is a good idea?” I honestly laughed while making this one, just because of how weird it looks.

Hello and welcome to Word of the Week! Here, I inform you about a word that I believe is not used enough and how you can use it in a sentence.   The word of this week is:  


Sockdolager: “Sockdolager” is an adjective. It has two meanings.

1. The final/decisive blow.

2, An exceptional thing

Example sentences:

-The sockdolager of the battle was when the general was impierced and the empire fell to the enemy.

-The Mona Lisa is considered a sockdolager piece of work.

-“Oh Mary, that dress is simply sockdolager.”