Maartje Bogerd
08 Jun, 2020

Museums on Instagram

With our lives being a little different than normal, it is not weird that you might be feeling uninspired or bored. With social media as our escape and Netflix as our best friend, you might be tired o...

Dilyana Sergieva
09 Jun, 2020

Cancel "Cancel Culture"

If you have been present in any way on social media, you may have heard of the term “canceled”. The term itself has taken off in the last couple of years and had been coined as a term of power. Th...

Dilyana Sergieva
09 Jun, 2020


From the commercial birth of video games in the 1950s up until today’s day and age, it would be an understatement to say little has changed. Video game technology is becoming more advanced and creat...

Tessa van Dalen
10 Jun, 2020

Fashion trends now and in the past

Fashion is something that is constantly changing. A lot of trends come back when we take a look at fashion through the years. Let me take you on a fashion journey.60s: The miniskirtThe women’s fashi...

Emma Malinova
11 Jun, 2020

The art of gratitude

“The five-minute journal – toothbrush for the mind.”Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation. It is an elixir filling the soul. And by definition it is the quality of being thankful; readiness t...