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2 months ago

The New BLEND Magazine: We Are BUas

The third and fourth-year Publishing students of Creative Business proudly present the brand-new edition of BLEND. An homage to a different time, when paisley print shirts were still […]
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11 months ago

BLEND edition 03

Here it is, the new edition of BLEND Magazine: BLEND edition 03! This edition is filled with Lifestyle, Culture, Entertainment and Students. You don’t want to miss it […]
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12 months ago

BLEND: The Electric Issue

BLEND is buzzing into the new year! The electric issue is your guide to a successful 2021. New music, new books, interesting people with inspiring stories, some tips […]
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June 15, 2020

BLEND: The green issue

Today we release our online version of the BLEND magazine: the green issue. This edition is dedicated to the environment where we discuss all kinds of sustainable topics […]
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