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7 months ago

10 Things Internationals Dislike about being an International

Are you an international who is eager to go through some of the most relatable pet peeves for a foreigner in the Netherlands? Or are you Dutch, interested […]
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8 months ago

The gift (not a curse) of being bilingual

Walking on our international campus, you can hear many beautiful languages from all around the world, mixed with the familiar sound of Dutch. Being in a multilingual environment has taught me […]
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May 21, 2021

USA Culture Wise: My American experience

At Breda University of Applied Sciences, we believe that one of the most thrilling opportunities in life is being able to visit new places, meet new people, and […]
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July 12, 2020

Prump PoPo

I am thinking of writing my own book, With things that sound surreal. Every event will sound ridiculous; And give an absurd feel. The crazy events will happen […]
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June 15, 2020

Difficult Dinners

Everybody eats, but not everybody eats the same way. Did you know for example that in Mexico you eat with your hands, whereas in Brazil, you should never […]
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June 7, 2020

8 North Korean laws that make us happy we don’t live there

North Korea is known for its totalitarian regime and its way of life for the people there that seems like they are in another world. It has been […]
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June 4, 2020

Indonesian Dishtinations

When moving to the Netherlands and studying at BUAS, you leave a lot behind. Your family, your friends, everything you were used to. Elizabeth also went through this […]
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June 4, 2020

Indonesian Dishtinations: recipe for Tempeh Orak-Arik

This recipe is vegan! Like I have promised in my article named “Indonesian Dishtinations”, I am sharing the recipe that I have cooked with Elizabeth, an indonesian student […]
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June 4, 2020

The colourful story of a colour-blind artist

There are so many talented students at BUas you might not know about. Don’t worry, However, this artist has a bit of a twist to him. He loves […]
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