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4 days ago

ICYMI That's How Broadway C's It ep. 3

In this episode of That's How Broadway C's It, Maria looks at chasing dreams. With songs from In The Heights, The Greatest Showman and La La Land, two […]
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2 weeks ago

ICYMI That's How Broadway C's It ep. 2

In the second episode of That's How Broadway C's It, Maria tackles the topic of the teenage pursuit of happiness. More friends have visited the radio station and […]
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3 weeks ago

ICYMI That's How Broadway C's It ep. 1

In the very first ever episode of That's How Broadway C's It, Maria talks about running out of time and how this theme is portrayed in musicals like […]
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3 months ago

TGIF Behind The Scenes

It's easy to see how much fun Britta, Emili, Lotte, and Sade are having right?! Take a look at this BTS glimpse from one of our favorite shows […]
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4 months ago

HUB Radio's Specialty Shows

One of the many great things about the HUB is its radio station. If you love jamming to music, mixed with some fun and interesting conversations, HUB radio […]
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6 months ago

Getting to know the 2nd year Production House Departments at Creative Business

Wondering what Production House during the 2nd year looks like? If you’re a Creative Business student like myself, that is really important to you, since your whole year […]
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April 6, 2021

The Breakfast Club - Interview with The Secret Escape

HUB Radio's 'The Breakfast Club' recently had an interview with Frederique van Asperen, a Creative Business student and Floor Groels, a graduated Leisure Management student. Together, they've started […]
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December 4, 2020

Spoken Word Poetry by Lucy on HUB Radio

On the 26th of November the Early Birds hosted Lucy Brandt, a student of Leisure and Events: Social Innovation. She presented us her spoken word poetry on HUB […]
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June 11, 2020

Mixed Fruit - BLM Protests in the Netherlands

The fight for equality for the Black Community in America can be heard in rap, soul, jazz, hiphop and many other genres, since 1957. Tune into Mixed Fruit […]
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May 25, 2020

Time Machine Monday, Show4

Radio show that discusses a year regarding music, events that happened and life. Broadcasted every Monday on HUB Radio from 12:00 till 14:00. This week we dived into […]
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