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7 months ago

Spotlight Chapel: A story told by Sister Lauriani

Sister Lauriani tells her story about being a nun. She tells about the BUas chapel, where they used to live. Sister Lauriani tells the differences from the past […]
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7 months ago

Spotlight - Claudia van der Borg

Claudia talks about how she combined her studies at Breda University of Applied Sciences with her top sports career.
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7 months ago

Spotlight - Bastiaan van den Heuvel

Spotlight - Ba 0:04 / 9:39 Spotlight - Bastiaan van den Heuvel
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April 8, 2021

Spotlight | Eric Andersen: Winetasting

In this Spotlight, Thijs will visit Erik Andersen. Erik is the wine and spirits lecturer at Hotel Facility, together with Thijs you will find out more about Eriks […]
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April 1, 2021

Spotlight | Emmelie Westerhoff: The ins and outs of the Mise and Place cup!

In this spotlight our host Jasper Martens visit Emmelie Westerhoff. She is one of the people from BUAS who participated in the Mise and Place-Cup of 2019. In […]
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March 25, 2021

Spotlight | Remko Klasen: From Rugby Player to Professional Chef

In this Spotlight, Thijs is going to talk with THE Hotel Management Chef, Remko Klasen. We get to learn about his rebellious student life and why he gave […]
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