April 6, 2023

Spin & Spill Show Highlight 1: Lise, Mabel and Ebony

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Spin and Spill -

Sex, drugs, alcohol and everything that God forbids. In the Spin & Spill show, Lise, Mabel and Ebony share their own experiences and opinions about sensitive topics. This isn't your average radio show. Every episode we spin the wheel of taboo and decide the topic of the week, discussing topics that people will not talk about in a daily conversation, because it can be uncomfortable, but you want to know the tea about these topics .

That is why we spin & spill every week, so you don't have to do it. Discover a new world where taboes are not exciting anymore, through our conversations and the music we link to our personal stories and experiences.

EACH TUESDAY BETWEEN 15.00 AND 17.00. Spill all your secrets, they are save with us. 

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