We all know that as a student you can be short on money, and certainly in times of crisis. That is why it is useful if we save a little money here and there, so that we can still have enough money for going out and have some drinks. But how do you do this? Here are 10 tips to organize your life just a bit more budget-proof.

  1. 1. Use furniture from a thrift shop to furnish your studio or student room! In addition to the fun visit to the thrift shop, it is also good for the environment. And you can find very nice furniture for very low prices!

  2. 2. Not only can you buy second-hand furniture, but also study books. Everyone knows the struggle; textbooks can be very expensive and sometimes these costs run up to hundreds of euros. Check out www.marktplaats.nl or www.bol.com for the budget proof second hand versions!

  3. 3. There is also a lot to save in the groceries, of course. Try to go to the supermarket as late as possible, as a result of which many products have been priced off.

  4. 4. Usually fruit and vegetables on the market are cheaper and tastier than in the supermarket. So also visit the local market. In Breda you can get fruit on Monday and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on the Grote Markt, and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Vijverstraat. And for this also counts, the later you come, the more discount!

  5. 5. Keep an eye on the supermarkets' discounts. Sometimes durable products such as toilet paper, detergent and other cleaning products are on offer. Once this is up, you should be able to stock up. It is not about the date and so you save money again!

  6. 6. Are you going out by train for a day? Buy your ticket together with your fellow travelers. A group ticket is often cheaper!

  7. 7. The internet is often full of discount codes and vouchers for many different things. You can find this for many restaurants. Even if you are planning an activity, you should be able to find discount codes somewhere!

  8. 8. During a very long school or study day, many students need coffee. Instead of buying coffee at school or in the library, you can also bring a thermos! This is not only better for your wallet, but also for the environment.

  9. 9. Eating together is not only more fun, but also cheaper than alone! Ask your housemates, classmates or friends to cook and eat together. You can share costs in this way and the discount packages are also relatively cheaper.

  10. 10. And last but not least, take the bike more often! Public transport also costs money, so take a bike to save costs. Bonus: it is also healthy!

  11. Hopefully these tips will be useful to you! Enjoy your budget-proof student life