Was your guess 2? Then you were right!

When I was little, I had 3 obsessions: Ballet, K3 and Disney princesses. I was walking around in either a tutu, K3 dress or a dress of one of the Disney princesses. And even though my obsessions weekend which the years, it’s still a soft spot because it’s such a big part of my childhood.

As any other girl who is obsessed with these things, you want a few things: Take ballet lessons, go to a K3 concert (and musical) and go to Disneyland Paris! By the time I was 9 one of these dreams came true, I went to a K3 concert. I tried ballet but I didn’t want to participate because the lessons include dancing in circles in your normal clothes and this was not real ballet to me (and I still stand by that!). I also tried convincing everyone in my family to take me to Disneyland but no one caved. I always got the same answer from my grandma when I was sleeping there and saw another Disneyland Paris commercial on tv: “When I win the lottery we are going to Disneyland!” I would always make a funny face at her of course because the chance that would happen was really small.

Fast forward to February 4, 2013, a supernormal and maybe even kind of boring day for my grandparents. But then the bell rang. And there he was; the one and only Gaston with an enormous check. Their whole street won 25.000 and my grandparent's neighbours even won a car! The whole thing was on tv and I remember it was so funny to watch my grandparents back because my grandma was so shocked and happy and was hugging Gaston several times. When Gaston asked my grandparents what they were going to do with the money, their answer was: Go to Disneyland Paris with my grandchildren!

And that’s what we did. My grandparents, parents, sister, brother and I all went to Disneyland Paris together. Saying I had an amazing time is an understatement. I went is so many fun rides, stayed in a really fun hotel, and saw so many Disney characters but the most important, I saw the Disney princesses. Even though I was already eleven then, it was so much fun to see them I take pictures with them. I can’t thank my grandparents enough for making this dream of mine come true.

This is your sign to buy a lottery ticket! You never know! 🙂