Two weeks ago, I gave you my thoughts on why you should become more active on Instagram. Today we are going to focus on how you can improve your Instagram game to gain more followers and public recognition.

Posting regularly

Posting regularly should be the most important part. While that seems to be an easy thing to propose it’s not that easy keeping that resolution. To keep posting regularly, you should make a posting schedule. A certain timeslot(s) in your week when you are posting something. With such a timeslot in place, you can prepare the posts in advance and won’t run into a situation that you are not able to post because you don’t have any updates.

One way to schedule your posts ahead would be with the use of Facebook Creator Studio . With the Studio, you can schedule the time and date of your post and produce in advance. There are also third-party options like “Later” that can help you in this regard.

Posting at the right timeslots

According to analytics, there are certain timeslots when a posting works best. Currently, the most important timeslots are Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 11 AM, as well as Tuesday at 2 PM. These insights change regularly (like in times of the pandemic) so it might be best to check if there are new insights occasionally. This information, as well as more detailed information regarding the different industries, can be found in this article: ContantCal - Article

Creating a uniform style

One of the most important things in my opinion is to keep a certain style of posting on your Instagram channel. You don’t want your profile to consist of pictures that don’t correlate with each other. Meaning that you should stick to a theme. For example, if you are posting pictures of your paintings you should stick to that, so fans of your work keep informed about your latest piece of art. If you are starting a business, it’s important to have predictable content. If that’s not the case it could be that people may lose interest in your profile as they may have started following you for a certain posting.

Improving the quality of pictures

As Instagram is all about pictures, improving the quality of your pictures is a really good idea. The first thing that may help you is to unify the colour of the pictures by using a similar filter every time you upload. While the filters Instagram provides could be enough for you it may not be a bad idea to research about image editing. Don’t worry you don’t need expensive programs. Free Apps like VSCO, Snapseed, PicsArt and Lightroom may be enough for you to up your image quality. Although investing in a separate camera wouldn’t be the worst of ideas.

Using a business account

Another great tool is the business account option on Instagram. If activated it provides you with analytics on how your postings did, therefore giving you insights, on which pictures your audience likes most. Also, you gain the possibility to add a website to your profile. This way you can link to your website or anything else you want to share with your audience. Proving your followers with a “Swipe up” link unfortunately only works when you have more than 10.000 followers.

Engaging with followers

Most importantly you should engage with your audience. Respond to their comments or ask them for opinions about certain things on your Instagram Stories. There are many ways you could do that, just think about how you can further engage with them. An example would be to create your own hashtags that may be connected to your profile name so that third parties can become aware of your content.

Other things that may help you build your profile is maybe as easy as asking a friend what they think of your profile . Just get feedback from your peers what you could improve.

As you can see there are so many possibilities to grow your own brand/company/personal profile. I hope that I could give you some insights and hope you may use them to your advantage.