Most of us listen to it on the daily, and some of us cannot even imagine a life without it. It can improve your mood, lower your stress, reduce your anxiety and so much more. As you could probably already tell by the title, I am talking about music! In today’s world, music is everywhere. Whether you hear it on the radio while shopping for that new quarantine-proof wardrobe, during your favourite movie or in that annoying commercial you have seen a hundred times already, you cannot escape music! But how much do you really know about it? Well, these seven facts will definitely provide you with some mind-blowing information you have not heard before.

1. None of the Beatles’ members can write or read a single note of music.

Even though they are one of the most successful bands of all time, there is not a single member of the Beatles that has the ability to read or write sheet music. Weird right? Well, what is even more surprising is that the Beatles are not the only famous artists who are unable to do this. For example, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley could not read sheet music either!

2. Metallica is the first musical act to perform in all of the seven continents.

All in the course of 2013 (just twelve months!), Metallica managed to play a concert in each individual continent. This even includes the coldest one of all: The Antarctic! They performed a special concert for 120 scientists and a few competition winners on the frozen continent.

3. Mozart sold more CDs than Beyoncé.

Even though he has been gone for over 200 years, in 2016 Mozart was the artist who had the best-selling CD. Selling even more than other big artists such as Beyoncé, Drake and Adele! However, I should also inform you that this Mozart CD is actually a box set that includes 200 individual CDs, all together rounding up to about 240 hours’ worth of music. Besides, each box set is being sold for almost $500!

4. The largest band consists of 953 musicians.

In 2016, the record for the largest performing band was set in China by the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. They managed to have 953 people performing at once in a rock band. I cannot even imagine having to play with so many people at the same exact time, let alone making it sound good!

5. Loud music increases your alcohol tolerance.

Music affects a lot of things, for example your mood and memory. But did you know that it also has an effect on your alcohol tolerance? Research has shown that loud music can speed up drinking in a bar. So, when you turn the volume up on your playlist, you will be able to consume more alcohol in a shorter amount of time, a win-win.

6. Out of the whole world population, 5% has musical anhedonia.

Now you are probably wondering; what is musical anhedonia? Well, put in easier terms: the inability to enjoy music. As shocking as it is, not everybody can appreciate music. This is an actual condition and 5% of people suffer from this. People with musical anhedonia are able to recognize and understand music but are unfortunately unable to enjoy it.

7. Music can help plants grow faster.

Believe it or not, music also has an effect on plants. In fact, plants even have a “taste” in music. For example, plants who listen to classical music grow better and healthier, whereas plants that listen to noisy rock music get damaged. So next time when you are trying to save that plant that is almost dying, buy that pricey CD of Mozart to heal your green friend!

Well, I hope these facts managed to blow your mind, they for sure blew mine!