Most of us like to go to a different city for a day trip and explore either the history, the shops, or the restaurants and bars. The majority of BUas’ students have been to cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht but going to the same city every time can become a bit boring! This is why I’ve lined up three not-so-obvious cities that you should go to on your day off. So: All three of these cities have a rich history, nice shops, and places to eat! 

To give you some inspiration, I’ve included a brunch/lunch spot for every city to visit.  


The first city that you should visit is Delft. This cozy city, with its canals and old buildings (also seen as a small version of Amsterdam), is only 40 minutes away by train from Breda.  

Delft is known for it type of faience with blue decoration called Delfts Blauw (Delfts Blue). Delfts Blue is originated at the end of the 16th century as cheap alternative for the extremely popular (but also very expensive) Chinese porcelain which was in high demand among the ultra-wealthy people of The Netherlands. 

Delft is a city that carries a lot of history. The people that have played a big role in the history of The Netherlands, like Willem van Oranje, are buried here. There are also two old churches in the city center that you can visit for around €5. 

After visiting all the historic places in Delft, you will undeniably get hungry! An amazing lunchroom with excellent food goes by the name of Wildgroei. You can find this spot right next to the old church.  

Wildgroei is a 100% vegan lunchroom that is loved for their innovative and original vegan recipes. One thing on the menu that you should not miss out on the blueberry cheesecake! 

Instagram: @wildgroeidelft 


The second city that you should go to, is Haarlem. Although Haarlem is not as close to Breda as Delft, it is worth the 1,5-hour train ride!  

Haarlem is also an old city and is full of history, known for its courtyards and historic buildings. In some alleys, you’ll find some sweet little vintage shops and in other alleys, you’ll bump into a museum. The vintage store that you must visit is called Concrete Matter. This shop does not only sell really cool pre-selected vintage items, but it also has a great old-fashioned interior. 

One of Haarlem highlights is the Teylers museum of art and science. The Teylers Museum is the oldest (and some people say the most beautiful) museum in The Netherlands and can be visited for €14,50. 

Haarlem does also not disappoint foodwise. 

The café where you should go for the most delicious and fresh lunch is By Lima.  

By Lima works with seasonal products from local suppliers and is located in the city center! 


A city that does not come to mind at first when going a day away is Middelburg. Middelburg is an old city in the west of the country. Although it’s not very close to Breda, it sure makes up to the 2-hour train journey.  

Like the two cities mentioned above, Middelburg is also full of history. The city is known for being the old trading center of the VOC, which was a private Dutch trading company operating between 1602 – 1800 with a monopoly on overseas trade between The Netherlands, Cape of Good Hope, and the West of the Strait of Magellan. When you visit Haarlem, you can walk by the place where the VOC operated, which is the harbor.  

After you’ve visited all the historical sights, you might want to have something to eat. 

An amazing lunch spot in the center of Middelburg is ‘Pluk de dag, bloemen en sfeer, en dan is er koffie’ which is a combination of a lunchroom and a flower shop.  

Not only is the interior spectacular, but the food is also worth your visit!  

Instagram: @plukdedagendaniserkoffie