A few weekends ago, my little sisters came to Breda to sleep over in my student room… I should mention: they are five and nine, and I am 19 years old. 

Within the Gen-Z generation, playing outside, singing songs, and imagining that you are the main character in a movie are the things you did when you were bored. But my sisters are a new generation, and therefore, those things are not cool anymore. Instead, they want to see bright colors and play games on their iPads, and therefore, I call them Gen-iPad.

When they arrived, we colored some ‘pretty ladies’ (also known as the Top-Models you can colourize), as the iPads call them, but after 45 minutes, it was enough and we had to look for something new and exciting to do. Maybe getting a cupcake would fill their hearts with joy? So, that is exactly what we did! We picked up our cupcakes and went back to my student room. The cupcake of iPad-5 was not ‘’unicorny’’ enough, and the cupcake of iPad-9 was not ‘’chocolately’’ enough. I was lost.

Then it hit me! They needed an experience, something where they can be themselves and make a core memory to keep forever. So, we went to the Supernova Experience!

In short, the Supernova Experience is a fairly new museum in Breda. When we arrived, typical songs for the younger audience were playing. When it was finally our turn to walk through those doors, I saw their pupils merge into hearts. Walls overflowing with stuffed animals, funny decors such as a make-up room, beach, plane and more were presented to us. I was lucky that my phone was fully charged. The thousands of pictures they took on it, filled my iCloud storage very quickly, but leaving my phone with more memories. Their favorite one was with a Ballpit, because they could throw the balls at me. While making slow-motion videos of each other. The time flew by, and our 1,5 hours were used up.

When we arrived back home, the iPads had to charge again. Well, you might have guessed it… they were doing that while watching something on their iPads. Some things will never change, I think?

All in all, the whole day was so much fun. Even as a 19-year-old, acting as a personal photographer and entertainer, it was nice. So, if you also need a fun experience like this in the summer, I recommend going to the SuperNova Experience museum in Breda.

Click here to go to their site to buy your own tickets!