So, perhaps you have been thinking about getting a new pet. That’s exciting! Being a pet owner comes with commitment and responsibilities, so you will need to consider several things. For example, do you have enough time to take care of a pet? Are you financially capable of giving your pet the care it deserves? Well, there is one more important question to consider - should you buy your next pet, or adopt one from a shelter instead? As someone who has adopted both of my cats, I can help you out. Here are several reasons why you should choose adoption too! 

1. You are helping a pet in need. 

Each year, millions of pets end up in shelters. This can happen for several reasons, such as family breakups or owners who simply cannot take care of their pet anymore. Some pets unfortunately also find their way into shelters as victims of animal cruelty. By choosing to adopt, you are giving your pet a second chance at life by providing them with a loving household to live in. Besides, you are not only saving your own animal, but also helping another one who can now take the empty spot that you have opened up at the shelter. It’s a double act of kindness and a second chance for not just one, but two animals! 

2. You can be sure that the pet is healthy. 

Most shelters have experienced staff, and they also provide excellent medical care to any pets before they can be adopted. This can include procedures such as neutering, microchipping, initial vaccinations, parasite prevention or flea/worm treatments. Furthermore, many shelters have veterinarian partners who are there to assist you with any health issues and concerns, so you can be assured your pet has been in good hands! 

3. Adopting a pet is more affordable. 

It costs far less to rescue a pet than it does to buy one. Purebred animals can cost hundreds, or even thousands of euros. Shelters usually ask for an adoption fee, which varies from shelter to shelter, but it is definitely way more affordable and already includes all the initial health procedures the animal needs. Furthermore, if the shelter has partners, you might even be able to save money on any pet supplies or future vet visits. And the money you spend on the adoption goes directly back into the shelter’s fund to ensure all other animals are cared for properly while they wait for their forever homes! 

4. You can help the fight against backyard breeders. 

A “puppy/kitten mill” sounds cute, right? Well, in reality, these are breeding facilities that prioritise profit rather than the animals’ welfare. These dogs and cats suffer greatly, as they are housed in shockingly poor conditions without proper nutrition and medical care, and with no opportunity to ever experience human love. Animals are kept in cages and forced to breed as often as possible for months, or even years. And after they are no longer profitable, these animals are simply gotten rid of. Even buying from a pet store, it is almost certain that the animal comes from a mill. And these mills will continue to operate as long as there is demand. By adopting a pet instead, you are saying no to their awful practices, keeping money out of their pockets, and going one step closer to a world without these mills.  

In case you need any more convincing, there are thousands of shelters with pets who just want to be cared for, so you will definitely find the perfect pet who fits into your family just right. And speaking from experience, the pet you have decided to give a forever home will always show extra unconditional love and affection towards you, as a sign of gratitude for you giving them a chance to be a part of a loving family again. So, what are you waiting for?! 

Written by Geelika Mölder