Effective presentation techniques

Would you like to learn to:

• Create a professional impression when giving a speech/presentation

• Learn to effectively convey your message and gain your audience’s attention

• Identify your target audience and adjust your approach to meet their needs

• Improve your English speaking skills for persuasive communication

• Gain confidence by using techniques to keep your audience engaged

• Learn to use tools that will be useful for various speaking tasks • Identify key points for improvement and evaluation

• Learn useful tips and tricks from other participants as well as the instructor

• Come across as an expert in your field!

Then the BESTtraining course EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES could be the solution for you!

It is an interactive training course in which you build on your existing skills to help you gain confidence in presenting. You will discover how to improve your performance to deliver a more confident and enthusiastic presentation by experimenting with different techniques. You will practise these skills guided by an experienced native English-speaking instructor, who will encourage and motivate you to practise using a topic of your own choice.

The instructor will demonstrate some of the main techniques of presentation skills, provide examples and helpful materials, and support you in becoming a more confident and fluent presenter. During the training course, the presentations will be recorded so you are able to review and reflect upon your performance.

An evaluation form will be used by all participants to provide feedback on each presentation. The BESTtraining Team (Microsoft Teams) will be provided as a platform for contact between participants and instructor.

On the Teams online learning platform you will find various exercises, information and the evaluation forms, links to good examples and other materials.

This online BESTtraining is scheduled: Every Thursday timeslot 3pm-5pm

25 February, 4 March, 11 March, 18 March and 25 March 2021

The first training (2502) is an introduction training, after this session you decide if you want to continue the training course EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES.

If you decide to continue then you commit yourself to 4 trainings. This course is executed by Joy Kearney BPhil MA.

Registration and more info available at the student portal tile BESTtraining