How to cope with high sensitivity?

Ellis Bosmans from Hart voor Sensitiviteit is invited to organize a student online information meeting about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) for all students of BUas.

On Friday 22 January 2021 from 1 pm-1.45 pm, the English online information meeting is scheduled, from 2.30 pm-3.15 pm the Dutch online information meeting is scheduled.

Could this be interesting for you?

Answer the following questions and find out.

Do you find it difficult to cope with impressions and feelings during the day?

Does your study make you stressed and depleted?

Are you easily affected by the moods of others and do you feel the atmosphere in a room?

Do you find it difficult to cope with change and fuss?

Do you think that others are able to take on more than you?

Do you find it challenging to set boundaries and be strong and confident?

Do you have a great sense of responsibility and justice?

Congratulations! You might be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Content of the meeting; when you learn to cope with stimuli, you will find out that being an HSP is most of all, a quality. BESTtraining is organizing a meeting for all students of Breda University of applied sciences who recognize themselves in the characteristics above.

As follow up a free online training course of 5 sessions will be offered by BUas for you.

During that training course, you will find out more about your own sensitivity and you will search for solutions to handle the burden that you experience. Practical tips and tools will give you more peace of mind and balance in your daily student life.

The deadline of registration is Wednesday 20 January 2021. After registration, you will receive information containing the meeting ID and password for

Registration is possible via Student portal, BESTtraining