Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars – what do they have in common? Right, they make up some of the most iconic fictional universes that we know of. Within these worlds, where imagination takes the lead, stories write themselves and create endless possibilities.

Here, at Breda University of applied sciences, students from all over our human world come together and live out their own narratives. To spotlight these stories and lives, we will be creating a space where creativity has no limit and expression is welcomed without judgement.

So, welcome to the nook of the BUas HUB where every week, slowly and with your help, the BUas World is being built. To give input on the different aspects, keep an eye on the BUas HUB Instagram stories and cast your votes! Come with us on a journey and Discover Your World.

In the last entry of the “Build the HUB World” series, we looked at the inhabitants of our community-based world. On the streets of the HUB world, you find faeries and elves, like those of Lord of the Rings, with wings and magic abilities. They are all slightly different from each other depending on the academy they’re in, making for cool differences and self-expression.

In this week’s addition to the series, we are looking at the hierarchy present, and the technology used in the world of HUB; we asked you, our beloved co-creators, over on the HUB Instagram to send us your ideas and you delivered (Want to be involved? Keep an eye out for the HUB IG stories!). So, without further ado, let’s explore the technological advances and the social structures.

As opposed to our world’s lecturer-student hierarchy, you will not find any strict authoritative power in the world of HUB. However, there are those that will act as mentors to the youngsters and give them guidance in life. They have obtained this position of higher social standing after having proven themselves both academically and in personality. They are mentors not because they are especially powerful, but rather because they are wise, understanding, and want to help others.

In this world, you will find that they have made significant strides in technology. Their gadgets are constructed in such a manner that they can be carried without having to log around a bag. They allow the people of HUB to communicate with each other, but also with folk from other societies, such as the folk from the world of Avansea.

Even though the folk can fly, they oftentimes still take “The Bubble”—the local form of public transport, where you step into a bubble in one place and get yeeted to the next. Why do they take the bubble instead of fly, you ask? Why do you take a check scooter or the bus instead of cycling? Right.

This high-tech way of living is also reflected in the way the buildings look; the elves and fairies don’t like metals, but the landscape is shaped using glass, white stone, and natural wood materials. Just like on the BUas campus, there are plenty of wildflowers, green spaces, and bees.

In the next edition, we will take a look at how the HUB world came to be; what major events happened and what did those do to shape the current society? Do you want to have a say in the next building block? Then keep an eye on the HUB Instagram stories!

Written by Sanne Koelman and Jannah El Eshraky